Create AI-generated videos using basic text instantly

99% Reality AI Avatar. Generate realistic AI videos quickly and easily. Simply prepare your script and use our Text-to-Speech feature to receive your first AI video in 5 minutes or less.

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CES Innovation Awards Winner

Benefits of AI Video Generator


Traditional Video creation

  1. Need to hire anchor/actor and filming team
  2. Equipment and studios required
  3. Editing requires expertise and cost
  4. Concerns and Risk with re-shooting

DeepBrain AI video creation

  1. Use custom-made AI avatar that best fits your brand
  2. Intuitive tool that's super easy to use for beginners
  3. Time saving in video preparation, filming, and editing
  4. Cost-saving in the entire video production process

Get Your First AI Video in 1 Minutes

1. Create Project

First, create a new project. You can start with your own PPT template or choose one of our starter templates.

2. Enter Your Script

You can manually type in or copy and paste your script. Contents of your uploaded PPT will be entered in automatically.

3. Select Your AI Model

Once you select the appropriate language and AI model and finish editing, you can export the synthesized video.

Meet our Virtual Humans

Explore AI Avatars

Automatically create Your Content Simply by Uploading a PPT File

Once you upload a PPT file, a video is automatically created. You gain access to a high-quality video that can be used as course material, totally hassle free.

PPT to AI Video conversion

Various Templates to Start From

If creating a new one is difficult, you can use the created layout. Use templates instead of complex and difficult designs.

Hassle Free 'One - Click' Subtitle Generation

Automatic subtitle generation based on entered script. More detailed manual editing available as well.

Automatic subtitle setting

Use Cases

Car Feature Explanation Video

I appreciate your cooperation in AI video production.
I was satisfied because it was made so much better than we thought.

2022 ORMC180 Mid-Annual Report

AI studios was certainly helpful to our team. Please do keep us informed when there are new updates and functions.

New York Billboard Advertising

'Virtual Human Meet Virtual Assistants' Webinar

Real or Fake? Breaking Boundaries with AI

DeepBrain AI's AI studios is adept at creating human-based AI avatars using video synthesis technology.

Mobile Phone News with AI Avatar

Real-Time AI Tutor 'iCan Do'

All avatars in AI Studios give me the feeling of having a 1:1 class with a real tutor. It is a new edtech service.

Company Introduction

Wow! this video was created through AI Studio's AI avatar!
Now anyone can easily create AI videos with just a few clicks.

SlingShot 2022 Pitch

DeepBrain AI is a deep learning-based video synthesis company specialized in creating hyper-realistic AI humans.

How-To Videos


Comedian, Actor & Host Howie Mandel Steps into the Metaverse powered by DeepBrain AI

Deepbrain AI Named as CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree for the Second Consecutive Year

This startup allows you to reunite with deceased loved ones using AI technology

AIA Korea Introduces ‘AI Sonny’ – AI-based ‘Younger Brother’ of Son Heung-min

South Korean presidential front-runners court younger voters with avatars

DeepBrain AI introduces AI technology at KB Kookmin Bank

Meet your AI Human

Experience AI Humans

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