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July 1, 2024
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July 1, 2024

Translate video in minutes using AI

The world is getting smaller, and video content is booming! But what if your audience speaks a different language? No worries—video translation is now more accessible than ever. AI-powered tools are here to help you translate your videos and reach a global audience.

These tools do more than just translate subtitles; they can transform the entire video experience, including spoken words, into your chosen language. With advancements in AI, video translator technology is gaining prominence, offering a seamless and engaging experience for viewers worldwide.

In this guide, we explore the top 5  AI video translators  of 2024. We'll look at their features, ease of use, and what makes them stand out.

The Best AI Video Translating software

  • AI Studios: Easy-to-use online video translation.
  • Rask: Multilingual video translation.
  • Maestra: Accurate video translation.
  • Heygen: Video translation with AI avatars.
  • Fliki: Video creation and translation.

What makes the best AI video translator?

Connecting with a global audience can be challenging when language barriers exist. AI video translators help bridge these gaps, allowing your message to reach more people. With various options available, selecting the right tool can feel overwhelming. Here are four key factors to consider when choosing your AI video translator:

  1. Effortless Language Detection: Advanced AI translators automatically recognize the language in your video, streamlining the process and saving time while reducing human error.
  2. Crystal-Clear Transcription: Accurate transcription is crucial for effective translation. The software meticulously transcribes your video, ensuring the message is conveyed clearly in the target language.
  3. A World of Languages at Your Fingertips: A robust AI video translator supports a wide range of languages, allowing you to connect with viewers across different cultures and continents, maximizing your reach.
  4. Subtitles and Voiceovers: Flexible translation options cater to audience preferences. Whether through subtitles for quick understanding or voiceovers for immersion, the right translator ensures your message resonates effectively.

By prioritizing these four key factors – automated language recognition, accurate transcription, multilingual capabilities, and flexible subtitle/voiceover options – you can select the perfect AI video translator to transform your video content into a multilingual masterpiece, ready to captivate a global audience.

Best Easy-to-Use Online AI Video Translator

AI Studios (Web)

Screenshot: One-Click AI Video Translator, DeepBrain AI

AI Studios Pros:

  • Easy to use with no learning curve
  • Supports multiple languages
  • High-quality AI Avatars

AI Studios Cons:

  • Limited flexibility

AI Studios is popular for its user-friendly video translation feature. Here’s a quick guide to get started:

  1. Upload Your Video: Upload the video you want to translate or create one quickly.
  2. Select Target Languages: Click "Translate to" and choose from languages like English, Korean, and Chinese.
  3. Export: Click "Export" to start the translation. Processing time depends on video length and the number of selected languages.
Screenshot: One-Click AI VIdeo Translator , DeepBrain AI

In addition to its video translation features, AI Studios offers:

  • Instant Audio & Voiceover Translation: Instantly convert audio into a voiceover in the target language with one click.
  • Automatic On-Screen Text Translation: Translates all on-screen text elements and subtitles into target languages.
  • Multiple Language Support: Translate videos into multiple languages simultaneously with ease, making localization quick and simple.

AI Studios is user-friendly, allowing you to create translated videos without a steep learning curve. These additional features help make your videos more engaging.

AI Studios Pricing: A free trial is available. The Personal plan is $29/user/month, offering 15 credits and watermark-free exports. The Team plan is $89 for 3 users/month, providing 30 credits and Workspace access.

Best AI Video Translator for Multilingual Video Translating

Rask (Web)

Screenshot: Rask translator, Rask

Rask Pros:

  • Supports over 130 languages
  • Automatic caption generation

Rask Cons:

  • High pricing

Go Global Effortlessly with Rask AI! This video localization tool allows you to translate your videos and reach a wider audience. Simply upload your video and choose from over 130 languages. Rask's AI transcribes, translates, and generates natural-sounding voiceovers, with built-in subtitles to ensure your message is clear. No complex editing is needed—just a few clicks, and your video is ready to captivate viewers worldwide.

  • Effortless Multilingual Reach: Translate videos into over 130 languages to connect with a global audience and break language barriers.
  • AI-Powered Translation: Rask's technology automatically transcribes and translates your video accurately, with options for natural-sounding voiceovers.
  • Subtitles or Voiceovers: Choose the best format for your audience, offering both subtitles and voiceovers for clear communication.

Rask Pricing: The Creator plan starts at $60/month for 1 user with 25 minutes per month and 135 languages. The Business plan starts at $750/month for 500 minutes per month, including automated captions and subtitles.

Best AI Video Translator for Accurate Video Translation

Maestra (Web)

Screenshot: Maestra , Maestra

Maestra Pros:

  • Automatically generates video subtitles
  • Useful for transliteration

Maestra Cons:

  • Limited AI dubbing quality

Maestra.ai makes overcoming language barriers simple. This user-friendly online video translator empowers you to reach a global audience.

Just upload your video, choose from over 100 languages, and let Maestra work its magic. It transcribes your audio, translates it accurately, and generates subtitles or voiceovers in minutes.

Maestra is perfect for content creators, educators, marketers, event planners, and businesses looking to expand their reach and connect with viewers worldwide.

  • Effortless Video Translation: Upload your video, pick a language from over 100 options, and Maestra takes care of the rest, translating your video for a global audience in minutes.
  • AI-Powered Transcription & Subtitles: Maestra accurately transcribes your audio and creates clear subtitles for viewers who speak different languages.
  • Multilingual Voiceover Creation: Beyond subtitles, Maestra can generate voiceovers in various languages for a more immersive experience.

Maestra Pricing: The Premium plan starts at $29/month for 1 user, with 60 minutes per month and support for 125 languages.

Best AI Video Translator for Translating Video with AI Avatar

Heygen (Web)

Screenshot: Heygen , Heygen

Heygen Pros:

  • Diverse AI Avatar support
  • Includes video editing features

Heygen Cons:

  • Can be time-consuming and complex

Heygen.com elevates video creation and translation. This AI-powered platform allows you to craft engaging videos using customizable avatars and voices. Heygen also excels at translating pre-recorded videos. Its advanced technology clones the human voice, replicating tone and style across over 40 languages, ensuring your message resonates globally.

  • AI-Powered Video Creation: Create videos from scratch using Heygen's customizable avatars and voices.
  • Effortless Video Translation: Revitalize existing videos with translations in over 40 languages, maintaining the original speaker's tone and style.
  • Multilingual Voice Options: Choose from a wide selection of custom voices to match your video’s needs and target audience.
  • Variety of Avatar Types: Select from real-human-looking to 3D animated avatars to suit your video's style and message.

Heygen Pricing: The Creator plan starts at $29/month for 1 user with 15 minutes per month and Instant Avatar access. The Team plan starts at $149/month with 30 minutes per month and 4K resolution support.

Best AI Video Translator for Creation and Translation

Fliki (Web)

Screenshot: Fliki , Fliki

Fliki Pros:

  • Supports both translation and video creation
  • Translates in 75+ languages

Fliki Cons:

  • Limited help or guides available

Fliki.ai helps you overcome language barriers and reach a global audience with ease. This user-friendly AI video translator simplifies the process—just one click, and you're set!

Fliki offers multilingual support, translating videos into over 75 languages. Additionally, choose from a vast library of over 2,000 AI voices to match your video's tone and style.

For a personal touch, Fliki's voice cloning feature lets you replicate your own voice or create unique voices for different characters, making your videos more engaging.

  • Massive Voice Library: Enhance your translated videos with Fliki's extensive library of 2,000+ AI voices. Find the perfect match for your video's tone and style.
  • Advanced Voice Cloning: Clone your own voice or create unique voices for different characters, adding a personal feel to your videos.
  • Effortless Usability: Fliki's intuitive interface makes it simple for anyone to create professional-quality, multilingual videos.

Fliki Pricing: The Standard plan starts at $28/month for 1 user with 180 minutes per month. The Premium plan starts at $88/month for 600 minutes per month, with support for over 2,000 voices.

What's the Best AI Video Translator?

Language barriers are no longer an obstacle for sharing your video content globally! AI video translators are transforming the way we connect with audiences around the world.

These powerful tools streamline the translation process, saving you time and resources. This list highlights some of the best AI video translators, many of which offer free plans or trials.

Before choosing, explore their features to see which one best suits your needs. Consider factors like language support, pricing options, and ease of use. Once you find the perfect video translator, you'll be ready to expand your reach and connect with viewers worldwide!


Q. Can I use AI to translate videos?

A. Absolutely! You can use AI to translate videos effectively. AI video translation technology has advanced significantly, providing a convenient way to reach a global audience. By leveraging this technology, you can overcome language barriers and share your content with a wider audience.

Q. Is there a free video translator?

A. There are several AI video translator tools that offer free plans or trials, but it's important to understand their limitations. AI Studios is one of the easiest-to-use video translators.

Q. Can you translate a video online?

A. You can translate videos online using AI-powered video translator tools, which offer a convenient and efficient way to reach a global audience. AI Studios is one of the tools that allow you to quickly translate videos online.

Q. Is there a service that will automatically translate video?

A. Yes, several services offer automatic video translation. These use a combination of speech recognition and machine translation to convert audio to text, translate it into another language, and generate subtitles or dubbed voiceovers in the new language.

5 Best AI Video Translators
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5 Best AI Video Translators5 Best AI Video Translators