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December 23, 2021

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) Yoon Seok-yeol,” who recently appeared at the inauguration ceremony of the People’s Power Central Election Countermeasures Committee, drew attention. On the big screen, AI Yun Seok-yeol said, “Are you surprised that you resemble candidate Yoon so much?” and delivered the message without interruption in a tone similar to that of Candidate Yoon. ‘AI Human’, which imitates humans, has been controversial in the political arena, but the evaluation of industrial sites is 180 degrees different. It is rapidly spreading to various industries such as broadcasting, education, finance, and distribution with the evaluation that “it increases productivity”. The fact that the technological prowess of DeepBrain AI and other AI startups has risen to a significant level has become a wing in the spread of AI humans.



AI Human which increases productivity

The principle of making an AI human is as follows. AI learns hundreds of hours of human video to learn the person’s voice, tone of voice, and gestures. If you give the manuscript to the AI human who has been trained in this way, it speaks like the person in question. This includes AI speech synthesis, video synthesis, and natural language processing technology. If AI human is trained once, it can reduce the time and cost of having to record a real person every time a video is made. Depending on how it is taught, real-time communication with people is also possible. For example, an AI banker who has learned the conversation a banker has with a customer at the level of big data will be able to see consumer response tasks.

The problem is that even if the ‘synchrony’ between AI humans and humans is even a little off, it is easy to feel rejected. An official from DeepBrain AI said, “We have been honing our technology for more than 5 years to make our AI human look more real.” said an official from DeepBrain AI, “The performance was improved by carefully learning not only the shape of the mouth, but also the movements of the cheeks, tongue, and teeth,” he added.


As the technological advancements and evaluations that AI humans are useful are increasing, inquiries are increasing in various industries. In the broadcasting field, AI anchors and announcers are actually conducting news. A broadcasting company also entrusted an AI caster to broadcast the ballot count in the 21st National Assembly election in April last year. AI humans with simple communication are also emerging. In August of this year, a kiosk with a built-in AI human appeared at the 7-Eleven convenience store in the Lotte Information and Communication building in Gasan-dong, Seoul. This AI human answers questions about products in convenience stores and nearby locations.



AI human companies growing rapidly

The introduction of AI bankers is already active in the financial industry. Shinhan Bank has introduced digital counters where AI bankers appear on screens in more than 60 branches. Currently, they only work on ID verification, but they plan to expand their duties to account inquiry and transfer early next year. Kookmin and Woori Bank have also announced plans to introduce AI bankers next year.

In October of this year, an education company, Kyowon, launched a digital education platform called ‘iCan Do’, where ‘AI Tutor’ appeared. AI Human of popular YouTuber Dottie appears to help with learning.

The growth of AI human companies is also accelerating. DeepBrain AI, which supplied AI humans to AI Yoon Seok-yeol, 7-Eleven, and Kyowon, attracted a series B investment of 50 billion won in September this year.


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