AI Studios Education at Jeongsin Girls' High School

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June 20, 2024
June 20, 2024

▶ Jeongsin Girls' High School utilizes AI Studios to produce virtual human video content for AI Ethics classes.

▶ Conducting AI classes on copyright, cyber and software ethics, information sharing for 70 first-year students.

▶ DeepBrain AI supports AI solutions, career mentoring, corporate visits, leading the way in fostering future AI talents.




DeepBrain AI, a leading domestic generative AI company headed by CEO Jang Se-young, announced on the 20th that it has supported Jeongsin Girls' High School, a digital leading school, in creating AI educational content through its AI video synthesis platform 'AI Studios'.

Jeongsin Girls' High School, selected as the sole digital leading school among high schools in Songpa-gu for the 2023-24 academic year, is at the forefront of fostering future talents through AI education, introducing AI-based courseware and educational platforms by subject. This year, through activities in the AI Convergence Engineering Club, the school has expanded various AI capabilities such as AI-based image classification tasks and data analysis.

DeepBrain AI contributed to enhancing AI education infrastructure by providing the AI video synthesis platform 'AI Studios' to Jeongsin Girls' High School. AI Studios is a generative video solution based on Text-to-Video technology, supporting the production and editing of videos using virtual humans. It automatically composes customized videos by arranging content, suitable virtual humans, backgrounds, and other video elements from uploaded files such as keywords, articles, links, and documents.

Jeongsin Girls' High School utilized AI Studios to produce video content for AI Ethics classes. Subsequently, they conducted AI Ethics classes on copyright, cyber ethics, software ethics, and information sharing for 70 first-year students.

Furthermore, DeepBrain AI is leading the way in fostering future AI talents through collaboration with various organizations. They have supported AI education solutions for AI-focused schools and conducted career mentoring for elementary, middle, and high school students in Suwon. Recently, they also hosted a corporate visit program inviting students from Gwangju Software Meister High School to experience AI solutions at their headquarters.

CEO Jang Se-young of DeepBrain AI stated, "Starting next year, AI digital textbooks will be fully introduced in elementary, middle, and high schools, indicating the growing presence of AI in public education." He further expressed, "Moving forward, DeepBrain AI will actively support various AI solutions nationwide in educational settings and contribute to fostering AI future talents."


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