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February 1, 2023
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October 29, 2021



DeepBrain AI cherishes colleagues who work together. Deep.In. is DeepBrain AI employee’s nickname is to appreciate the strong fellowship we have between employees.

English name : Deep. In.
Korean name : 딥인
Internatioal name : Deep.人.


Hello, I’m Min-jae Kim, a web developer at DeepBrain AI.


Q. Would you introduce DeepBrain AI ‘Speak Now’.

Speak Now is an app that allows you to freely talk in English with the ai synthesized characters by DeepBrain AI. It has diverse contents such as reading English books and helping you learn vocabulary. It has developed into such a comprehensive English learning service.



Q. What is your role in developing the service?

I’m in charge of full-stack development. Since we are developing it in a hybrid app, I do a lot of function development and maintenance, and even manage our own Database.



Q. What are the advantages and visions of DeepBrain AI’s service?

First of all, there are developers who have a lot of experience in AI technology. Therefore, it was possible to create a well-made AI that looks very similar to humans. Also, our developers could do various projects quickly, so we could follow up the trends easily. I think that’s one of the big advantages.


Q. Please say one last word to job seekers.

There are many young and energetic moods. If you want to do AI-related work, deep learning-related work, or development in this moods, please apply a lot.
Thank you.

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