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February 1, 2023
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November 26, 2021

Let me introduce you to the honest story behind Deep. In. in DeepBrain AI
*DeepBrain AI cherishes colleagues who work together. Deep.In. is DeepBrain AI employee’s nickname is to appreciate the strong fellowship we have between employees.

English name : Deep. In.
Korean name : 딥.인.
Internatioal name : Deep.人.


Q. Please introduce yourself.
Hello, I’m Park Young-hoon, the creative part of Deep Brain AI.

Q. What are you doing in the creative team?
Well, I’m doing a lot of work. From video content to image content used in marketing, And sales contents used by each team or images used for internal documents.
It’s safe to say, almost all the contents generated by DeepBrain AI goes through our team.
There are so many that I can’t even get around it


Q. Who’s in the creative team?
Yes, since we’re a company that mainly focused on video synthesis, There are many people related to video synthesis or video contents.
There are people who are in charge of filming. There are people who specialize in editing videos. And there’s an art director who works on images and so on.
There are quite a few people who have been working mainly in advertising agencies and broadcasting.

Q. How’s the work culture of the creative team?
Freedom and freedom. Just as Deep Brain AI pursues an open culture, Our team is also pursuing an open culture.
I take a nap or play games during breaks. To the extent that I don’t deviate from my responsibility, If you act responsibly, no one bets an eye.
I think being free is our team’s culture.


Q. Which welfare system are you most satisfied with?
Personally, I think it’s food.
It’s served at the company until morning, lunch, and dinner. Snacks and coffee that are served in the middle too…
What the CEO’s point is that if you work hard, the company will take responsibility for eating. I think I understand what he means.
So I’d pick welfare related to eating among various welfare programs.

Q. What’s the strength of DeepBrain AI?
No matter how well we wrap up the brand and advertise it, In the end, I think it is the essence of the brand that appeals to consumers.
I think the essence of DeepBrain AI is technology.
I think this technology is the biggest strength of Deep Brain AI.


Q. Why did you choose DeepBrain AI?
I think it’s an answer in the continuity of the previous question.
I believe DeepBrain AI’s technology is the biggest strength.
I thought that in a company with such technology, I would like to perform my skills to the fullest.

Q. What is your goal, P.Kyle?
First of all, I hope that DeepBrain AI itself becomes a company that is well-known to many people and well-received.
I’m going to work hard to create a company to be so, too. Of course, with our company’s partners and employees,
My goal is to enjoy sharing these dreams and work hard.
So thats why I want to be recognized here.

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