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February 1, 2023
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January 25, 2022

Let me introduce you to the honest story behind Deep.In. in DeepBrain AI
*DeepBrain AI cherishes colleagues who work together. Deep.In. is DeepBrain AI employee’s nickname is to appreciate the strong fellowship we have between employees.

English name : Deep.In.
Internatioal name : Deep.人.


Q. Please introduce yourself.
My name is Gabriel Borges, and I am a Brazilian developer working here in DeepBrain AI.

Q. What kind of work do you do in the Dev. team?
Here we make solutions to connect humans in AI technology. So, I work in here making web apps that use our technology, and I try to make the best experience possible for our customers so that they can use our products very easily and efficiently. Also I’m involved in all stages of development, which makes this job very dynamic and interesting.


Q. What efforts do you need to work for the DeepBrain AI development team?
You need to study a lot to keep yourself updated with all of the current technologies. So I have definitely learned a lot since I started in here.
And you know, if you want to work in here, it’s very important that you like learning new things.

Q. Tell me the advantages and disadvantages you felt while working in the development team.
The advantages are learning a lot and improving your career, so I feel that if that’s your goal, then this is a great opportunity.
But also the rhythm of working here is quite intense and there can be also a lot of pressure, so it’s important to also learn how to deal with those things.


Q. What do you think of Deepbrain AI?
DeepBrain AI’s a cutting-edge technology company, I have definitely learned a lot in here and grown professionally.
So also the people in here are great and very friendly that also helps to have the work easier just by having people giving you more support.

Q. What do you usually do during breaks at work?
We have a great-looking rooftop in here, so whenever I can go there and enjoy the scenery or talk to my coworkers, it’s always a great time. So I definitely like hanging out with people there a lot.


Q. Please say a word to the applicants who want to join the development team.
You’re definitely going to be very welcome in here. The work in here can be challenging, for sure, but it can also be dynamic and fun. I will definitely be looking forward to working with you if you join us.

Q. What is the prospect of the DeepBrain AI development team?
Even though I have started in here not long ago, I already have seen the company expand a lot. And I believe it will continue to do so in the near future. I believe there will be more employees and the structure will keep growing. That will also change the way we work in here, the work structure in, but also I feel like DeepBrain AI will have a much more international influence in the near future. So that’s what I see for the Deepbrain AI.

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