DeepBrain AI conducts a corporate visit program

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June 20, 2024
June 20, 2024

▶ Various programs including corporate and job role introductions, AI solution and service presentations, employment coaching, and office tours are arranged.

▶ Opportunities provided for firsthand experiences with virtual human services such as AI Studios and ChatGPT-integrated AI kiosks.

▶ Current developers, hiring managers, and others participate in Q&A sessions on development languages, job market insights, and prospects.




DeepBrain AI, a leading domestic generative AI company headed by CEO Jang Se-young, announced on the 00th that it hosted a corporate visit program at its headquarters in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul, inviting students from Gwangju Software Meister High School last month.

The program included introductions to corporate roles, AI solutions and services, employment coaching, and office tours. DeepBrain AI introduced various roles in domestic generative AI companies such as AI software developers, engineers, big data analysts, and prompter engineers, along with their visions and corporate culture.

The company provided education on its AI technologies and production processes, including '2D Human' vividly depicting real people's appearances, voices, and movements, and '3D Hyper-Real Avatar' emphasizing detailed emotion expression and natural movements based on 3D rendering technology. They also conducted education on generative AI using personalized virtual human creation solutions like 'Dream Avatar'.

DeepBrain AI offered students hands-on experiences with services utilizing virtual humans through AI video synthesis platform 'AI Studios' and ChatGPT-integrated AI kiosks. They also addressed AI ethics education covering topics on safely and responsibly using AI, alongside discussing criminal issues related to misuse of generative AI for creating and distributing false content like photos and videos.

Moreover, internal developers and hiring managers participated in Q&A sessions to encourage students, who showed significant interest in generative AI technology, asking diverse questions about development languages, qualifications, job market analysis, and prospects.

DeepBrain AI continues its efforts in nurturing future AI talents through ongoing educational activities. In April, they supported AI human education solutions for AI-focused schools, and last month, they conducted career mentoring for elementary, middle, and high school students in Suwon. They plan to expand their activities to various schools and institutions in need of AI education in the future.

CEO Jang Se-young stated, "Through this corporate visit program, we provided valuable opportunities for students to interact with professionals in the AI field, experience real work environments and services." He added, "We will continue to strive to provide quality AI education using our generative AI services."


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