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February 1, 2023
November 29, 2022

– Time Xiaoni X StarCatus collab NFT is on sale in the Chinese market –

China’s first broadcast-level intelligent interactive real-life AI avatar – “Time Xiaoni”, and China’s first metaverse interactive NFT project “StarCatus” will launch the “Instant Record”, the joint NFT collection on November 29, 2022. The collaboration of the two metaverse IPs actively promotes innovative attempts and explorations of the value of metaverse IPs, creating a special digital experience for users.

This series of collections is jointly launched by the Beijing Time of Beijing Radio and Television Station, Cocafe Technology and Deepbrain AI, and is limited to 2,000 NFTs. The NFTs will be publicly sold on the Redcave NFT platform on November 29, and a small amount of NFTs will be distributed as a giveaway later.

Time Xiaoni is China’s first broadcast-level intelligent interactive real-life digital human created by the Beijing Radio and Television Media Center and Beijing Time in conjunction with the world’s leading AI avatar-based audio and video solution provider DeepBrain AI. Announcer Xu Chunni is a real-life replica of the Time Xiaoni. Time Xiaoni is currently the most highly reproduced 4K ultra-high-definition AI avatar in China. She is the first AI avatar in the country to participate in the construction of a smart city in the capital. Since its official debut in October last year, Time Xiaoni has served as an AI anchor and provided intelligent services in major conferences, forums, and exhibitions such as the Beijing Winter Olympics, and has played an important role in AI social networking, digital economy construction, and smart city application services. In the 2nd Artificial Intelligence Application Innovation Contest for Radio, Television and Network Audio-Visual held by the State Administration of Radio and Television, Time Xiaoni won the first prize for the application of digital human technology.

StarCatus is the first domestic digital collection with AI interactive function launched on the first anniversary of the establishment of Cocafe Technology, aiming to create a super popular Chinese original metaverse IP with deep business scenarios and a strong community. As the first digital collection with AI interactive functions, StarCatus has cooperated with Xiaoi Robot, L&A Design, Dixintong, G&D China, SVS, Yunding Ski Resort, Shaolin Boy, Suning Art Museum, Youlian Times, DeepBrain AI.

DeepBrain AI is a global enterprise that provides AI-based audio and video solutions. It uses speech synthesis and image synthesis technology to provide users with 2D and 3D AI avatar customization services. DeepBrain AI’s AI avatar technology is a conversational artificial intelligence technology that integrates speech synthesis, image synthesis, natural language processing, and speech recognition technology. DeepBrain AI has provided one-stop AI avatar solutions such as AI avatar video production SaaS platform-AI STUDIOS, conversational AI avatar service, AI Kiosk, AI Chat for Samsung Securities, Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank, AIA Korea, 7-11 Convenience Store, Microsoft, Lenovo, BMW, NVIDIA and many other large corporate customers around the world. DeepBrain AI has successfully produced the AI ​​avatar of the well-known Korean football player Son Heung-Min, CCTV news anchor, Beijing TV news anchor, South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol, South Korea’s MBN well-known news anchor Kim Joo-ha, and the famous Canadian comedian Howie Mandel. DeepBrain AI plans to upgrade to the metaverse platform to develop AI 3D avatars who live in the metaverse, provide warm and intelligent services, and can communicate with humans, to further expand its influence in the global market and explore diversified development opportunities in the metaverse.


Three limited edition NFTs (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing)

The “Beijing Chapter” digital collection will be sent as giveaway in limited quantities during the 3rd China Radio, Television and Media Convergence Development Conference.

In addition to commemorative value, this “stamp-style” digital collection is also functional.

Users who own any NFT can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Users can experience the electronic intelligent immunization process in the Animal Intelligence Service Platform and Love Pet Channel on Beijing Time APP and obtain “electronic ID card” for pets as proof of immunity, and experience “nose pattern matching technology”.
  2. Users can experience the dialogue in the Time Xiaoni applet (common sentences).
  3. Users who hold the NFT of StarCatus and and DeepBrain AI can enjoy a coupon of RMB 100Yuan off when they spend RMB 500 Yuan at DeepBrain AI’s Tmall store.
  4. After logging in to, users can get an airdrop opportunity for StarCatus’s digital collection (one for each person, not repeatable).
  5. Users can get the opportunity to purchase StarCatus related products first.
  6. Users can get the opportunity to purchase the AI ​​star products issued by DeepBrain AI first.
  7. Users who purchase any one or more of the Shanghai Chapter and the Shenzhen Chapter will have the priority to receive the Beijing Chapter for free.

Users who own 3 NFTs including Shanghai Chapter, Beijing Chapter, Shenzhen Chapter can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Users can get 3 free trials of DeepBrain AI’s virtual AI avatar synthesis video platform ( (worth RMB 500 Yuan).
  2. Users can experience the dialogue in the Time Xiaoni applet (optional sentences).
  3. Users who purchase more than 200 NFTs can get a customized video of Time Xiaoni & StarCatus’s blessing. The total length does not exceed 15 seconds and DeepBrain AI will review the content in advance.

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