're;memory2' Service for Reuniting with Beloved Family Members

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June 17, 2024
June 5, 2024

▶ DeepBrain AI Launches ‘re;memory2’ Based on Dream Avatar Solution for Hyper-Personalized Virtual Humans

▶ Enhances Convenience for Bereaved Families by Allowing Easy Reunion with Deceased Loved Ones Through AI Technology Without Additional Filming

▶ Story Submission Event Until the 30th; Ten Winners Will Receive re;memory2 Memorial Videos on July 1st

DeepBrain AI, a leading South Korean generative AI company, announced the launch of ‘re;memory2,’ an AI memorial service based on their Dream Avatar solution for creating hyper-personalized virtual humans.

re;memory2 is an AI memorial service that faithfully recreates deceased family members. With just a single photo and a 10-second audio clip, an avatar resembling the deceased’s face, voice, and expressions can be created, boasting exceptional convenience.

In the previous re;memory service, the model had to visit a studio for about three hours of filming and interviews. In contrast, re;memory2 provides memorial videos without the need for studio visits or even after death, making it easier to create a virtual representation of the deceased using AI technology.

re;memory2 completes the final product by synthesizing voice and video and learning scripts through deep learning from collected photo and audio data. The script includes an introduction to the deceased and messages the bereaved family wishes to hear from them, compiled into a text of around 300 characters provided by the family.

The finished video can be played on any device capable of video playback, such as PCs, mobiles, tablets, and kiosks. Unlike the previous version, which was only available in DeepBrain AI’s showroom, the new service allows many more customers to conveniently experience it.

Additionally, the recent release of the movie ‘Wonderland,’ which features a similar theme, has garnered much attention. Directed by Kim Tae-yong and starring Tang Wei, Park Bo-gum, and Suzy, ‘Wonderland’ tells the story of reuniting with deceased loved ones through AI technology.

Source: Wonderland Movie Company Website

To commemorate the launch of re;memory2 and the release of ‘Wonderland,’ DeepBrain AI is holding a story submission event until the 30th. Participation is simple: submit a story about why you wish to use the re;memory2 service via the official DeepBrain AI website’s contact form or email (rememory@deepbrain.io). Ten applicants will be selected to receive a re;memory2 memorial video. Winners will be notified individually on July 1st.

Furthermore, DeepBrain AI plans to continuously expand the re;memory2 service through strategic collaborations with various institutions such as life insurance companies, memorial parks, funeral homes, hospitals, and government offices to allow more customers to experience it.

Jang Se-young, CEO of DeepBrain AI, stated, “re;memory2, equipped with Dream Avatar technology, allows the easy and convenient creation of avatars even for deceased family members. We hope you can experience reuniting with your beloved family members through re;memory2.” (End)

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