How MBN is broadcasting with AI anchor

Internal broadcasting announcers
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MBN(Maeil Broadcasting Network, Inc.) is a South Korean cable TV network operated by the Maeil Business Newspaper.
Number of employess: 334
Seoul, Korea

CES Innovation Awards Winner

Key Results
$ 1,000,000
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MBN utilizes AI technology through Deep Brain's solution to report breaking news and special videos quickly and vividly with AI announcers. Additionally, by incorporating AI models into various MBN programs, it enables simultaneous broadcasting production in the same time zone.

The challenge

To be ready for a news report at a press office, considerations must be made. Gather info and materials like press releases, statements, and visuals to make the report precise and full.

Organize with press and related individuals a time and place for the report. This includes getting a space, such as a conference room or outside, and organizing any needed gear or technical help.

Gathering the right data and materials, organizing a date and place with relevant people, and having an agenda for disseminating the report can greatly reduce time, labor, and expenses for filming.

The solution

In order to prepare for a news report at a press office, several things must be taken into consideration. First, it is important to gather all of the necessary information and materials for the report, such as press releases, statements, and any supporting visual elements. This will ensure that the report is accurate and complete.

Next, it is important to coordinate with the press office and other relevant parties to schedule a time and location for the report. This may include securing a location for the report, such as a conference room or outdoor area, as well as arranging for any necessary equipment or technical support.

"By effectively gathering necessary information and materials, coordinating with relevant parties to schedule a time and location, and having a plan for distributing the report, it is possible to significantly save resources such as time, personnel, and cost for filming. "  - MBN

This is how they did it:

  1. "Major News at Noon from AI Anchor Kim Joo-ha" and "Major News Preview" and began using them for online news first.
  2. AI anchor, Kim Joo-ha, to deliver breaking news quickly to the public.
  3. It can be used at any time, even when the actual anchor and broadcasting staff are not available.

AI anchors can be put into broadcasting without any preparation process.As a viewer, you can quickly access breaking news in the event of a disaster,Broadcasters can also invest their manpower, time, and money into creating new programs. - MBN

This is what MBN press team say about AI Studios:

  1. Ease of use: Video production that makes it easy to create videos without filming or real people
  2. Cost reduction: production without costly studios, lights, cameras, set staff, or even hosts
  3. Naturalness: Just type in the script and the AI ​​anchor will speak naturally and show body language and gestures like a real presenter.

"In AI STUDIOS, you can create custom video content without actors, cameras or production crew." - MBN

The results

MBN has been at the forefront of exploring the possibilities of AI technology in the field of broadcasting, specifically in the form of AI anchors. The following are some of the key points that demonstrate the success and potential of this technology:

  1. Number of videos completed: So far, MBN has created 3490 news programs utilizing AI anchors, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of this technology in producing a large volume of content.
  2. Subscribers: The MBN YouTube channel, which features AI anchor-led news programs, has amassed 1.52 million subscribers, indicating a high level of interest and engagement from viewers.
  3. Cost: Traditional anchors require a lot of preparation, such as preparing and practicing scripts before entering news, putting on makeup, and rehearsing with the filming team. However, AI anchors don't need such preparation. All that is needed is a script, and the AI can immediately start delivering the news 24 hours a day, making it an ideal solution for breaking news. This can also result in cost savings for broadcasters.

MBN's use of AI anchors demonstrates the potential for AI technology to revolutionize the field of broadcasting and bring about new possibilities for cost efficiency, ease of use, and natural presentations.