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What is an AI Video Editor?

An AI Video Editor automates video content creation by combining generative AI with traditional video editing tools.

This integration speeds up the production process and improves efficiency by blending elements of traditional filming with the latest digital innovations in one platform.

How to Use an AI Video Editor

Select an AI Avatar

First, select an avatar for your video from our library of over 100 stock avatars or use a custom one.


Select Voice & Language

Choose from 80+ languages for text-to-speech, then find the best match from over 100 voices.


Create or Input Script

Type your script into the text editor or generate it with our AI Script Assistant.


Generate & Share

When you're done editing, click 'Export,' and it'll be ready to share and download in minutes.


All The Best of AI for Video Creation
in One Platform

No Video Editing Skills Needed

Simplify the editing process by using an online video maker. Add transitions, music, images, shapes, and anything you need to make a great video effortlessly.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use platform -- all in the cloud

  • Create videos from text

100+ Realistic AI Avatars

Make engaging videos by adding AI-powered actors and presenters. No real actors, studios, or green screens needed.

  • Lifelike appearance, speech and movements -- no uncanny valley here!

  • Custom Avatars Available

AI Voiceovers in 80+ Languages

Localize your content and create studio-quality voiceovers in many languages at scale using DeepBrain AI's text-to-speech technology.

  • 80+ languages & 100+ voices with various accents and tones

  • One-click translation to localize at scale

AI Studios’ Core Features

Benefits of
Using AI Studios

Our AI Video Editor transforms text into videos, simplifying the production process, cutting costs, and ensuring consistent, engaging content that captivates and grows your audience

Global Reach

Expand your audience by offering content in multiple languages, reaching a global audience.


Save time and resources by effortlessly converting text into high-quality speech and videos all in your browser.

Personalized Videos at Scale

Traditionally, personalized videos take significant time and resources to create. With AI Studios, you can generate them quickly and at scale!

Engagement Boost

Enhance viewer engagement by having an AI Avatar narrate your videos, adding a personal touch that captivates audiences.

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Create videos anytime, anywhere. With AI Studios, there's no need to juggle schedules or hunt for studio space. Create videos in the cloud on-demand and effortlessly scale your workflow.

Overhead Costs


High-quality video production without the traditional costs or time needed.  Eliminate expenses like studio rentals, actor and production staff hires, or investing in costly equipment like cameras.

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< 10min

No experience required to start,yet powerful enough for the pros. Our platform is designed to empower users of all skill levels, allowing anyone to produce high-quality videos without any previous experience or training.

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AI Studios Features Worth Exploring

Designed to be used by individuals, teams, and large organizations alike, AI Studios offers all the best of AI for content creation in one platform.

AI Avatars

Explore all our stock avatars available to use in our AI video generator and as conversational avatars.

Gesture Control

Dictate avatar gestures directly in your script, directing your avatar to wave, point, and more!

Text to Video

Transform text prompts, text-rich docs (PDF, PPT, etc.), URLs, and more into video drafts instantly.

Text to Speech

Convert text into studio-quality voiceovers and narrations.

Deeper Learning

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

What is the best way to convert text to video?

The quickest way to transform text into video is by using an AI video editors, such as DeepBrain AI or D-ID. This software leverages AI to create digital content from text instructions, removing the need for filming, editing, or hiring actors. These tools feature a variety of realistic AI avatars, support numerous languages with natural-sounding voices, and boast user-friendly interfaces.

What are the benefits of using an AI Video Editor?

AI video editors provide high-quality, customizable content with cost-effective, hyper-realistic AI avatars that have lifelike voices, movements, and appearances. These tools eliminate the need for cameras, microphones, or actors, enabling you to create professional videos quickly and easily, even with minimal experience.

Do AI Video Editors support multi-language?

AI video editors such as DeepBrain AI support multiple languages and offer translation services, making it easy to scale up video production. DeepBrain AI features text-to-speech capabilities in over 80 languages with natural accents and a diverse range of avatars representing different nationalities, facilitating the creation of localized content efficiently.

How can AI be used to generate video scripts?

Using ChatGPT, you can generate video scripts, brainstorm ideas, check grammar, and translate your scripts effortlessly. DeepBrain AI incorporates ChatGPT into its AI video generator, streamlining accessibility throughout the video creation process. This integration allows for text-to-video conversions utilizing powerful generative AI capabilities. Additionally, you can use any tool from AI Studios' AI Automation Suite to create professional-quality first video drafts, including scripted footage and AI avatar-led narration.

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