Automated Personalized Video Messages

Create hyper-realistic custom avatars in just 5 minutes. Clone your voice and appearance to make videos without needing to appear on camera each time.

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Level Up Marketing with
Personalized Video Emails at Scale

Save Time with Automation

Manually creating personalized videos is a huge time sink. With AI Studios, you can automate the entire process. Just create one video template, and AI Studios will handle the rest, customizing each video for every individual recipient effortlessly.

Bulk Personalization Made Easy

 Simply upload your recipient names and emails, and AI Studios will take care of the rest, automatically generating unique, personalized videos for each recipient.

Send Videos Directly to Inboxes

No need to manually send each video to your recipients one by one. Once the videos are created, AI Studios will automatically send them directly to their inboxes.

How to Create Personalized Videos


Insert Personalization Tag

Add a personalization tag in your script in a new video project to specify where you want to include recipient-specific details, and then proceed to generate the video.


Enter Details

Manually enter
the recipient's details,
including their email addresses,
into your new Video Message folder, or use a spreadsheet for bulk entry.


Send to Inboxes

Hit 'Send' to deliver
your video messages directly to recipients' inboxes. You can
reuse the same template
as many times as you'd like!

Personalized Video Messages Use Cases

Targeted Outreach

Level up your targeted marketing
outreach and connect with customers
by sending personalized video messages made just for them. Build meaningful relationships and drive conversions.

Personalized Communication

Create engaging and personalized onboarding, pitch, and update videos
that transform impersonal messages
into tailored experiences. Add a special touch to make every interaction
meaningful and effective.

Tailored Invites & Messages

Create personalized video invites
and greetings uniquely tailored for each person, like customized birthday invitations, Christmas eCards, and more!

Benefits of Personalized Video Messages

Improved Metrics

Personalized messages often lead to better performance metrics, including higher open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement.

Better Relationships

Strengthen client relationships by adding a human touch to everything from cold outreach to newsletters, helping improve conversion rates

Improve Digital Experiences

Personalization improves the overall customer experience by making interactions feel more human and less automated.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

What is the best automated personalized video app?

The best automated personalized video app is AI Studios by DeepBrain AI. Their Video Messages feature allows you to create a template and specify which parts of the video should be personalized for each recipient. Once the template is ready, you can either import a spreadsheet of recipient details, including their names and emails, or input them manually.

With just a few clicks, you can send personalized videos to inboxes without needing to create a separate video for each individual. If you need to send a video to a new recipient later, you can use the same template and send a personalized video by simply adding their details.

How to do I create personalized videos in bulk?

Creating personalized videos in bulk with AI Studios is fast and easy! First, make a video template and mark the parts you want to personalize. Then, import a spreadsheet with recipient details like names and emails, or just type them in manually. Upload the spreadsheet, check the videos to make sure everything looks good, and with a few clicks, send them out. If you need to send more videos later, just add new details to the same template. It's a quick and easy way to keep your videos personal without the extra effort!

Is there a limit to the number of personalized videos I can create at once?

There is no limit in AI Studios' Video Message feature; however, you are limited by the number of minutes available in your account. To send more personalized videos, you’ll need to add more minutes once you run out.

Will I be featured in the personalized videos?

It depends on how you set up your video template! With AI Studios, you can use an Instant Custom Avatar or Dream Avatar to create videos that feature a digital version of yourself, making it look like you personally filmed the message for your recipient.

Will I be featured in the personalized videos?

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