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AI Video Generator is a platform that simplifies video editing and creation, with tools for converting PowerPoint presentations to videos, creating engaging Team avatars and character videos, and more. With our free Video to Transcript Converter tool, you can also repurpose your video content in a variety of formats.

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Save time by streamlining your video creation process

Easily download videos in a range of formats to your website or social media channels

Repurpose your video content for a range of uses with the Video to Transcript Converter tool

Video Download Add-On

Our platform comes with a video download add-on, so you can easily download your videos in a format that's compatible with your website or social media channels. Never again will you have to spend hours reformatting your videos to make them work on different platforms - out AI does the work for you.

Make a Video from a PowerPoint

With our AI video generator, you can easily turn your PowerPoint presentations into engaging, shareable videos. Simply upload your slides and let our platform do the rest. You'll have a video that's ready to share on your website, social media, or wherever else you want to share your message.

Teams Avatars and Character Video Maker

Our platform also offers features like Teams avatars and character video maker. With these tools, you can create engaging videos that feature animated characters or avatars. These videos are perfect for product demos, explainer videos, and more.

Free Video to Transcript Converter

In addition to our video editing and creation tools, we also offer a free Video to Transcript Converter. This tool makes it easy to convert your videos to text, so you can repurpose your content in a variety of formats. Use your transcriptions to create blog posts, social media posts, and more.

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