AI Text-to-Voice Videos

Convert text to voice with natural and realistic AI voices that enhance your brand while saving you time and money. Create videos with AI Studios all from your browser. No need for cameras, microphones, or actors!

AI Text-to-Voice Videos
Mondelez International
Hyundai Hmall
Fox 26 News
Shinhan Bank
Intercontinental Hotels & Groups
DP World
Mettler Toledo
The Times Group
Georg Fischer
Magic EdTech
APMG International
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Start with Text-to-Voice Video Templates

Creating videos with an AI text-to-voice generator is a breeze. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you! Start with any of our professionally made, beautifully crafted templates.

AI Text-to-Voice Videos

Multi-Language Text-to-Speech Voices

With just a few clicks, you can create video voiceovers in over 80 languages with less time and effort than filming a video the old-fashioned way.

Choose from over 100 tones to find the perfect AI voice to provide dialogue for your video. Break through language barriers with AI Studios and scale your video projects like never before.

Create Custom AI Voices

With DeepBrain AI, you can create your own high-quality custom AI avatar, complete with your voice.

Custom avatars and voices can be used anytime from your browser to create videos or be used as conversational avatars to generate unique, memorable digital interactions and content at scale.

AI Text-to-Voice Videos

How to Create Videos with AI Text-to-Voice

Getting Started

Start by choosing ChatGPT, URL, PowerPoint, or templates to begin your workflow.

Writing Scripts

Write a dialogue script using the editor or our integrated ChatGPT tool.

Avatar, Voice, & Language

Select your AI avatar's appearance and voice from 100+ avatars and 80+ language options.

Final Steps

Edit your video with our simple-to-use editing interface. Generate your video with one click and it’ll be ready to share in under 5 minutes!

AI Text-to-Voice Videos

A Platform Designed for

No-Stress Video Creation

100+ Stock Avatars

We capture even the tiniest details of our models' facial features, expressions, accents, and intonations to bring you lifelike and hyper-realistic AI avatars.

80+ Languages

AI Studio's Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology generates realistic voices for video narration. Produce videos in 80+ languages and overcome language barriers.

Easy-to-Use Editor

Our editor is user-friendly for both beginners and pros. With AI Studios, you save over 80% of your time and costs, eliminating the need for cameras, mics, or actors!

AI Video Generator with Avatar

Meet Our AI Avatars

Explore ways in which AI Studios can assist you in achieving your goals and increasing your ROI.

Use Cases

Explore ways in which AI Studios can assist you in achieving your goals and increasing your ROI.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

What is an AI Human?

An AI Human is a digital replication of a real person, and the name can be used interchangeably with AI Avatar or digital human. AI Human is also the name of our conversational AI avatar product which is capable of having conversations with users.

What can AI Avatars be used for?

AI Avatars can be used on multiple digital engagement platforms. We offer two AI avatar products that allow you to create videos (AI Studios) or elevate your chatbot and converse with users (AI Human) — both using our stock or your custom hyper-realistic AI avatars. Our AI avatars exist on the web, mobile, kiosks, and even the metaverse!

How long does it take to create a custom avatar?

The custom avatar creation process typically takes a month, including the recording session, deep-learning period, and model synthesis production. To learn more about how we can fit into your project timeline, please contact us for a demo and support.

Can I upload my own voiceover?

Yes! Just click on the microphone icon in our video editor and record or upload your recording directly into AI Studios.

Find the right plan for you

Explore plans and see all that AI Studios can help you accomplish. Start a free trial, or get started with our starter plan.

2022 & 2023 Award-Winning Technology

CES Innovation Awards Honoree Winner

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Why Video Creators Love AI Studios

Text to video using AI

It's easy to use without any technical knowledge to produce an amazing outcome (obviously using their AI technology)

Text to video using AI
Jochen Siepmann
Master Trainer and Coach
Text to video using AI
Text to video using AIText to video using AIText to video using AIText to video using AIText to video using AI

Simple and the best

Interactive and engaging with efficient work distribution. Great customer experience and help to improve sales performance.

Simple and the best
Rodrigo Sena
Sales Training Strategy Manager
Simple and the best
Simple and the bestSimple and the bestSimple and the bestSimple and the bestSimple and the best

Best AI tool for Video Creation

AI studio is one of the best AI tools to create videos for business and promotion in just a few clicks.

Best AI tool for Video Creation
Md. Mahfooz Alam
Start-up Marketing Manager
Best AI tool for Video Creation
Best AI tool for Video CreationBest AI tool for Video CreationBest AI tool for Video CreationBest AI tool for Video CreationBest AI tool for Video Creation

A Wonderful experience

AI Studios is a great option for businesses that want to create marketing videos. The platform's AI avatars can be used to create realistic and engaging videos that can help businesses reach their target audience.

A Wonderful experience
Henry Harrisson
Retail Sales Merchandiser
A Wonderful experience
A Wonderful experienceA Wonderful experienceA Wonderful experienceA Wonderful experienceA Wonderful experience

Conversational AI Avatar with chatGPT

The first and only solution for real-time conversations with an AI Human. Serving mulitple roles such as AI Retailer, AI Banker, and AI Tutor etc. AI Humans provide cost-effective 24/7 service and always with a smile.

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