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$10,000 Creator Challenge

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Winner Takes $5,000

Join the challenge for a chance to win a share of our $10,000 prize pool!
The top winner will take home $5,000, and challengers placing 2nd to 51st will each receive $100.

How to Participate in the Challenge

1. Create a Custom Avatar

Generate a custom AI Influencer from a short video clip or photo using Instant Custom Avatar and/or Dream Avatar.

2. Create a Social Media Video

Use your new custom avatar
to create a fun video for social media on any topic you like!

3. Post & Submit Your Video

Post your video on your social media with the hashtag #AIStudiosCreatorChallenge and share the details with us to join the challenge!

How to Create an Instant Custom Avatar

Set up your camera

Use your laptop or iPhone camera. You can film while standing, sitting, or on the move (like walking). Just make sure your face is clearly visible with steady lighting.

Start Recording

Record a short 2-minute video of yourself speaking. You can use our pre-made script or say whatever feels most comfortable and natural to you.

Please note that Instant Custom Avatar reduces emotions by about 30%, so animate more than you want your avatar to express.

Create a Video

While AI Studios transforms your video and voice into a custom AI avatar, you can begin creating a new video project. Start by typing a script for what you want your avatar to say.

and Key Dates

June 27 - July 14

Early Bird Registration

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July 15 - July 28
(July 15th PST 00:00)

Create & Submit

Create your own AI Studios video using a custom avatar and post it onto Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, YouTube, or TikTok with the hashtag #AIStudiosCreatorChallenge. Then, complete the video submission form to compete for a spot on the leaderboard.

Video submission opens on July 15th.

Share & Vote

Post your video link on social media to collect votes from friends, family, and followers. You can vote as well!

 Voting page opens on July 15th.

July 29 - July 30


Once the voting period ends, the DeepBrain AI team will review and confirm the top 51 videos.

Before August 7

Winner Announcement

Winners will be notified of their prizes via email and will be featured on our website and social media channels.

Open Topic Video

You can create a video on any topic you'd like! We are excited to see the unique and creative ideas you come up with!

Include a Custom Avatar

Your video must feature a custom avatar as the main visual element, using either our Dream Avatar or Instant Custom Avatar.

Post on Social Media

Your video must be posted on social media with the hashtag #AIStudiosCreatorChallenge and submitted through our submission form to qualify.

Tools to Accelerate Your Video Creation

Explore these features designed to support content creation for social media.

Create Videos from a Single Text Prompt

Transform text prompts and ideas into fully stylized video drafts with AI Studio's instant AI text-to-video tool.  Just type in a prompt, copy-paste a URL, or upload a PDF or PPT.

Automated Social Media Scheduler & Creator

Run your social media on autopilot with Series of Videos. Create, schedule, publish, and easily manage your social media content at scale.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

Have questions about the challenge? Find quick answers here!

Does it cost money to join this challenge?

This challenge is free to enter. During your free trial, you'll have access to our custom avatars, Dream Avatar and Instant Custom Avatar. Plus, if you register before July 14th, 11:59 PM, you’ll be entered into a promotional raffle for a chance to win one month of AI Studios for free, which includes 15 minutes from our Personal Plan.

To make participation easier, you can use external editing tools to create your video. Just make sure the custom avatar is the primary visual element. If the custom avatar isn’t the focal point, DeepBrain AI reserves the right to disqualify your entry.

What are the full guidelines for the challenge?

  • Registration: Registration between June 27 and July 14 is not required to enter the challenge and does not influence the results, but it is highly recommended to enter the special promotion.
  • Custom Avatar Usage: Your video must primarily feature our custom avatar features. Learn more about Dream Avatar and Instant Custom Avatar.
  • Video Topic & Length: The video topic can be on anything you’d like, as long as it adheres to the challenge’s Terms & Conditions. There is no minimum or maximum video length.
  • External Editing: You can use external editing software. Editing outside of AI Studios is allowed as long as you use Dream Avatar and/or Instant Custom Avatar. Your project file link may be required for confirmation.
  • Submission and Social Media Posting: Videos must (1) be posted on social media, including the hashtag #AIStudiosCreatorChallenge, and (2) be submitted through the submission link available on the challenge webpage to qualify for the challenge. The only social media channels valid for this challenge are Instagram, X, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn. However, if you would like to share the video elsewhere to promote your submission, please feel free to do so.
  • Multiple Entries: Although multiple video entries can be submitted, each video must be unique and not simply the same video posted on different platforms.
  • How do I win the challenge?

    To win the challenge, you need to gather the most votes. Votes are collected through our dedicated voting page, which will be released on July 15th. As a challenger, you will be given a URL to share your video and encourage your friends, family, and social media followers to vote for your video!

    Do I need to be a paid subscriber of AI Studios to participate?

    No! You can participate even with a free account. While the features and minutes you have access to are limited, we know you can still create impactful videos with your creativity. Additionally, the type of account you hold does not influence the voting and results.

    Do I need to be a digital content creator or social media influencer to participate?

    While we do highly encourage digital content creators and influencers to participate, you definitely do not have to have a large platform to join. As long as your social media account is public and you share your video on it, you are free to enter with no minimum followers or subscribers required.

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