Best AI Affiliate Program

Up to 30% commission on industry-leading AI tools, high conversion rates, and comprehensive systematic support for your marketing success.

Top Features and Benefits for a Successful Partnership

Competitive Commissions

Up to 30% commission and going up more for top performers.

High Conversion Rates

Possession of world-class AI tools with AI human technology

Cookie Duration

60-days cookie duration to optimize your earnings.

Marketing Support

With a comprehensive library, support program, professional staff to help them effectively market our products

Reliable Tracking and Reporting

Our affiliate dashboard provides real-time tracking and reporting tools (3rd party)

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

available to assist with any questions helping partners feel more confident and supported

Regular Payments:

Affiliates receive their commissions on a monthly basis through a variety of payment options, including PayPal and direct deposit

Training and Resources

access to training materials, webinars, and other resources, helping partners develop their marketing

As an affiliate with 1M+ views on my YouTube video, partnering with DeepBrain AI Affiliate program has been rewarding. Their commission structure, conversion rates, and support have boosted my earnings and made promoting their AI tools effortless. Highly recommended for passive income growth.

What Is an DeepBrain AI's Affiliate Program?

DeepBrain AI's affiliate program is a contract in which DeepBrain AI pays commissions for traffic transmission and/or sales to other companies or influencers ('the affiliate')

This can be achieved through a blog, social media, PR, or product promotions.

Make Money Through These 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Join affiliate program

Sign up for our Affiliates Program in a few simple steps, and take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer.

Step 2
Access marketing resources

Browse through relevant marketing materials such as banners, social posts, and links from inside the platform.

step 3
Make Money

With our program, you can earn up to $10,000 commission on the first year’s sales of each customer you refer. So, the more customers you generate, the more money you’ll earn!

FourieFamCam is a participant in the DeepBrain AI affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

AI Studios’s
Affiliate Program

  1. Starter Plan : $29/month (up to $10,000 in commission)
  2. Commission rate :  DeepBrain AI pays 30% commission on the payments of a recurring plan
  3. Getting paid : Balances that are more than $30 will be paid out ten business days after the 1st day of the month
  4. Payment method : PayPal
  5. Cookie duration : 60 days
  6. Affiliate support : Yes
  7. Maximum amount : Up to $10,000 per month
  8. Special offer prices to excellent affiliate marketers
  9. All media and channels can be uploaded
  10. Starter Plan : $29/month (up to $10,000 in commission)