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State-of-the-Art AI Avatar Technology

Similarity to Human Model

Digital Humans

Everyone is unique, and we celebrate that. We capture what makes every individual special including the smallest facial features, subtle expressions, spoken accents, and intonations.

Lifelike Movements
% Break

Full-Body Avatar
with Gestures

Our AI Humans replicate realistic, full-body human behavior and movements at all times -- even when idle. You can also select your preferred gestures and body language.

Natural Response Time
< 1

Low latency,
Real-Time Responses

Simulate a real conversation that flows naturally, without any long, awkward pauses. Our AI Avatar quickly listens, comprehends, and responds to any questions your customers or users may have.

Custom Avatar

Bring your brands to life. Create personalized AI Avatars, complete with custom voice and signature moves.

Versatile AI Human Styles

At DeepBrain AI, we're driven to create digital human experiences that align with your business strategies. Customize each part of your conversational AI Avatar experience from front to back-end.

2D Studio Avatar

3D Unreal MetaHuman

3D Unity Character

Easily Create and Manage Your AI Chatbot

Finetune AI Human responses by uploading .txt or .pdf files, connecting with Third-Party chatbots, and managing LLMs -- all from our powerful AI Human portal.

Custom ChatGPT and Large Language Models

A large language model (LLM) is a type of artificial intelligence model designed to understand and generate human language. When combined with our text-to-video technology, it allows users to have lifelike conversations with our AI Humans.

Text to Video

Fine-tuning Open-Source LLM models

Fine-tuning is the process of retraining a base LLM model on new data. You can easily create personalized, automated customer experiences (CX) by fine-tuning an existing LLM, such as Open AI’s ChatGPT, with your data and connecting it with our AI Human.

Working with Closed LLM models

For Security-first companies: Integrate our AI Avatar into your Closed Network or on-premise LLM software for a fully secure and customizable AI Human Chatbot. With Deepbrain, you have full control over your AI Human’s data access and security.

Our Partners

Selected as Pegasus for Retail Sector Innovative Technology Startup Elite Enterprise Program

Elevated fo NVIDIA Inception Premier from NVIDIA Inception and is working on technical collaboration

Selected as the Software Path's highest rated Qualified Software Partner

Establishment of HW partnership with Lenovo North America Expansion of synergy through joint business

Industry Use Cases

Our AI solutions are purpose-built to unify the power of hardware, software, and services to deliver outstanding, future-ready customer care -- no matter the industry.

AI Human: Better Engagement, Real Conversations


NH Bank

AI Tellers at NH Bank have reached their second anniversary as employees! They’ve helped thousands of customers in finding the right services and products, as well as providing help with basic banking services via kiosk and mobile app.



The future of retail starts with Lenovo x Deepbrain AI -- delivering best-in-class, personalized food service and hospitality care through AI Human Kiosks.

AI Human Benefits

Available 24/7

Be there for customers whenever they need help. Deliver consistent support and make sure every customer gets the help they need.

Decrease Expenses

Scale your customer service without scaling up the headcount. Help an unlimited number of customers in real-time.

Customer Support

AI Humans are friendly and pros at customer service. 100% of all common questions answered instantly.


AI Humans are fluent in all languages to support every single one of your customers.

40% Increase

in online purchases and conversions when AI Human Chatbot is available on your website

Why Companies Worldwide Choose AI Human


AI avatars will significantly alter customer experience and provide opportunities for human-computer interaction – available 24/7 in the language of the customer.

Marck Wengrzik, CEO at AKA.

Deepbrain AI's focus on creating realistic AI avatars enable businesses to automate and enhance customer interactions and increase operational efficiency.

Digital Strategy Lead

Lenovo is partnering with DeepBrain AI to use their AI Human with powerful large language models (LLMs) to deliver a 24/7 automated concierge service in hospitality and retail settings

Global AI Business Leader

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