Exploring AI Video Generator Trends: The Next Visual Storytelling

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July 24, 2023

Is AI the Future of Video Creation?

Video has become the cornerstone of modern marketing and holds a prominent position in many marketing strategies. However, despite being a powerhouse of ROI and a top lead generator, video remains a challenging medium to succeed with.

One thing is clear: video production is not fast. On average, it takes marketers about two weeks to create a video from start to finish.

But what if there was a way to streamline the process? What if there was a way to quickly idea and execute ideas within a short time-frame?

The solution may already be here, and it involves the use of artificial intelligence.

How AI Video generator is Transforming Video Marketing:

Imagine creating videos without the need to write scripts or handle cameras.

Generative AI utilizes existing content like audio, video, and text to create original content. In this case, video marketers can automate multiple steps of the process, such as scripting, editing, and transcription, within seconds.

For example, the DeepBrain AI team has developed AI-powered videos through their AI Studio product. They use ChatGPT to draft the content skeleton, and AI actors read the scripts. Here's an example:

How AI Enhances Future Videos:

1. Idealization and Script-writing

For most video marketers, the most challenging part of the process is coming up with great ideas and crafting compelling scripts.

Having a strong foundation of well-written content is crucial for the infinite possibilities of content dissemination. That's why I want to emphasize that "Writing is the foundation of all content." In marketing, content plays a significant role as the medium that connects brands with consumers. Ultimately, marketing is about persuading people.

2. Video Editing

By utilizing AI Studio, you can easily save time and convert text into video within minutes, without the need for traditional editing processes involving constant pausing and rewinding. You can edit and rearrange video content seamlessly.

Using AI tools simplifies the process.

This production has already received positive feedback from numerous users, and I would like to share some user comments from the Product Hunt launch.

3. More

Videos possess the ability to effectively communicate with potential customers by conveying information about new product features or showcasing the true capabilities of your business services. They have a unique capacity for visual storytelling, allowing you to present your message with clarity, humor, and emotion. By creating and sharing videos on social media platforms, blogs, or websites, you can extend the reach of your message like never before.

Through the use of motion graphics and animation, videos capture and maintain the viewer's attention while ensuring comprehension of your story's purpose. Background music enhances the overall tone, while visuals work together to deliver a complete message.

AI STUDIOS is a user-friendly platform that allows you to easily bring the mentioned elements to life. With its AI-powered tools, you can quickly create engaging videos. It enables effective communication with potential customers, showcasing your business services and conveying information effortlessly. The platform's visual storytelling capabilities help you present your message with clarity, humor, and emotion. You can reach a wider audience by sharing your videos on social media platforms, blogs, and websites. The motion graphics and animation features keep viewers hooked while ensuring they understand the purpose of your story. Background music adds to the overall tone, and the visuals work together to deliver a complete message.

Product Hunt's comment

How to effectively connect with your audience using visual storytelling

Choosing the right visuals of high quality is essential

Using visual storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience.

Start by choosing visuals that clearly represent the story you want to tell. High-quality stock photos and videos can create a great background, while custom illustrations and infographics can help explain complex ideas.

Make sure the visuals you choose match the style and message of your content, so they all work together. This will keep your viewers engaged throughout their experience.

Tell a good story

Telling a good visual story is a powerful way to connect with others. It creates an emotional impact that makes the story memorable, inspiring, and meaningful.

To make the most of visual storytelling, start by crafting a strong story. Have a clear beginning and end, a relatable main character, exciting challenges for them to overcome, and a resolution that keeps your viewers intrigued.

Once you have a solid storyline, use visuals like photos or videos to bring your story to life for your audience. You can even try using AI generators like Jasper Art, Midjourney, or Canva to help create visually captivating elements for your story!

Message should clear

To make sure your message is easily understood, pay attention to clarity.

Visual storytelling can be just as captivating as written or spoken narratives. Take the time to carefully craft your story by selecting the right images, choosing a style and tone that suits each scene.

By using powerful visuals, engaging stories, and compelling videos that resonate with your audience's emotions and interests, you can create a memorable connection.

Visual Storytelling with custom avatar

Give AI STUDIOS a try and easily utilize the studio for yourself. Create videos, engage with customers, and effectively convey the features of your products or services.

Enjoy the ease and speed of creating videos!


Q. What are the benefits of using AI for video marketing?

AI-powered video creation streamlines the video production process, allowing marketers to automate tasks such as scripting, editing, and transcription. This results in faster video production and allows for the creation of engaging videos without the need for complex technical skills.

Q. How does AI Studio by DeepBrain AI help in video creation?

AI Studio by DeepBrain AI leverages ChatGPT to draft content skeletons, and AI actors read the scripts, enabling quick and efficient video creation without the need to write scripts or handle cameras.

Q. Are AI-generated videos suitable for all marketing channels?

Yes, AI-generated videos can be used across various marketing channels, including social media platforms, blogs, websites, email campaigns, and more. The versatility of AI-created videos allows for seamless integration into different marketing strategies.

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