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February 2, 2024

The "AI Studios 3.0 Webinar" embarked on a journey of creativity and innovation, with hosts Joe Murphy and Sabrina Woo setting the stage for an exploration of the latest features in AI video creation.

Unveiling AI Studios 3.0

1. Welcoming Halloween Spirit

▶ The hosts initiated the webinar with a festive touch, emphasizing its uniqueness as a Halloween special.

2. Agenda Overview

▶ A comprehensive breakdown of the agenda showcased the structured flow, promising a thorough understanding of AI Studios 3.0.

3. Basics and Advanced Techniques

▶ Attendees were guided through the fundamental and advanced features of AI Studios, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

Features and Templates

1. Convenience Features Unveiled

▶ Sabrina showcased convenience features, making AI Studios accessible and user-friendly for creators of all levels.

2. Templates for Creative Expression

▶ The rich library of templates was explored, emphasizing diverse options for users to elevate their video creation.

3. Navigating Q&A Dynamics

▶ The hosts engaged with the audience, addressing questions and fostering an interactive learning environment.

Crafting Virtual Humans

1. Behind the Avatar Creation Process

▶ Attendees delved into the intricate process of creating hyperrealistic avatars, uncovering the behind-the-scenes magic of AI Studios.

2. Advantages and Cost-effectiveness

▶ The hosts highlighted advantages, including multilanguage support and cost-effectiveness, showcasing industry-leading features.

3. Applications Beyond Expectations

▶ Real-world applications were explored, showcasing the platform's versatility from language teaching to brand ambassadorship.


The webinar concluded with an invitation for creators to explore AI Studios on the DeepBrain AI website.

For a deeper dive, watch the full video for detailed insights and support availability!

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