[AI Webinar] Bringing LLM to Life with AI Humans

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February 6, 2024

Hello! Today, We'd like to share insights from the webinar titled "Interactive AI Avatars and Large Language Models," hosted by DeepBrain AI. Guided by Drake, this webinar delved into intriguing aspects of integrating AI humans and large language models. Let's explore the highlights together.

Introduction to DeepBrain AI Technologies

AI Studios

▶ This product supports video creation based on scripts. Users can easily generate videos by logging into the web portal, utilizing around 100 available models, and supporting over 100 languages. Chachi BT is integrated to assist users during script writing.

AI Humans

▶ This entails interactive avatars or experiences where users can ask questions using natural language or text, and the AI avatar synthesizes appropriate responses. It can be implemented in various forms such as mobile apps, web browsers, and digital signage.

Integration of Large Language Models and AI Avatars

GPT-4 and LLM Management Layer

▶ Large language models are based on various layers like GPT-4. This allows users to tune the model, incorporate data, and personalize the experience.

In World Studio Demo

▶ A demonstration of creating AI avatars effortlessly using In World Studio was provided. Connecting AI Humans with In World Brain for implementing interactive experiences was briefly introduced.

Chase Bank Card LLM Demo

▶ A demonstration of tuning the large language model for Chase Bank card inquiries showcased the versatility of LLM in different applications.


The combination of interactive AI avatars and advanced language models enables versatile applications across different areas.

If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you.

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