Business Templates

Save time and effort by choosing from AI Studios' business and presentation video templates instead of spending hours creating your own designs.

[Sports] 01 streching
Medical AI Avatars
Instructions for Use of Drugs
Hospital Waiting Information
Work Guide
the begininer's guide to fintech
PC manufacturing
Employee Handbook
M_Health Tips
Mobile app AD report
Investment report
Mobile Ram Tech Report
golf club tournement
How to
Make AI avatar
Yoga Poses
real estate information
2023 Greetings
Skin care
Business modern template
Dental clinic Proposal
Dr. Amy's Health care Tips
Business simple presentation
Weekly team updates
M_Instructions for Use of Drugs
M_Medical AI Avatars
M_[Sports] 01 streching
M_Hospital Waiting Information
M_golf club tournement
M_Health Tips
M_Skin care
M_Dental clinic Proposal
Fresh salad recipes
M_Business simple presentation
M_Fresh salad recipes
M_Yoga Poses
M_Business Basic Template(gray)
M_Work Guide
M_the begininer's guide to fintech
M_Employee Handbook
M_PC manufacturing
M_Mobile app AD report
M_Investment report
M_Mobile Ram Tech Report
M_How to
M_Make AI avatar
M_real estate information
M_Financial report
M_Business modern template
M_2023 Greetings
Online Business card
M_Online business card
M_skin care
Skin care plan
Investment briefing session
Performance report_purple
M_Performance report_1121
M_Basic Summary Report
Business presentatation
M_Business presentatation
BG_M_Basic Summary Report
BG_M_Performance report_1121
M_Food Business 01
M_Market Retail
M_Traditional Bookstore
M_Car Repair Shop Business
M_World Tourism Business
M_Weekly team updates
World Tourism Business
Car Repair Shop Business
Traditional Bookstore
Market Retail
Fresh Grocery Market
Construction company
M_Our Team Work Presentation
M_Fresh Grocery Market
M_under construction
Bank ATM Proposal
Sales Deck
Analysis Report

Templates FAQ

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

What are business templates from AI Studios?

AI Studios provides a range of business templates designed to streamline the creation of professional videos for corporate use. These templates are pre-configured with settings ideal for marketing, training, and internal communications, ensuring high-quality output that aligns with your business objectives.

Can I customize AI Studios' business templates to fit my company’s branding?

Absolutely! While AI Studios' business templates come ready-to-use with professional layouts and designs, they are fully customizable to align with your company's branding. You can modify colors, fonts, logos, and even the structure of the templates to meet your specific needs and maintain brand consistency.

How easy is it to update information in videos created with AI Studios?

One of the best features of AI Studios is the ability to update information in your videos without refilming. Simply edit the script in the video editor, and AI Studios will regenerate the video with the new details in minutes. This makes it incredibly efficient to keep your content current and relevant, saving you time and effort while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Do I need any previous video editing experience to use AI Studios templates?

Not at all! AI Studios templates are user-friendly and designed to be intuitive for everyone, regardless of video editing experience. With simple drag-and-drop interfaces and easy-to-understand controls, you can start creating professional-looking videos right away.