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February 6, 2024

The webinar explores how AI avatars are redefining professional experiences in modern sports events. It offers insights into successful applications of AI avatars, focusing on France Télévision and the SK Telecom Open Golf Tournament.

France Télévision

France Télévisionintroduced their collaboration with DeepBrain AI at Roland Garros, demonstrating the use of virtual humans for media innovation. By leveraging AI avatars, France Télévision is exploring the transformative potential of AI in media experiences.

SK Telecom

SK Telecom presented their utilization of AI avatars at a golf tournament featuring the prominent player KJ Choi. Due to time constraints, KJ Choi couldn't film directly, so his facial and voice data from previous videos were utilized to create an AI avatar. This technology showcased applications beyond golf, such as sports swing analysis, highlighting its versatility.


1. Participants asked about AI avatars' impact in Europe, focusing on conservatism and quality.

2. Questions arose on journalists' roles alongside AI avatars, highlighting human involvement in content creation.

3. Privacy concerns during AI avatar interactions were addressed, suggesting solutions like natural language processing for transparency.


France Television and SK Telecom have successfully revolutionized media experiences and sports analysis by effectively employing AI avatars in their respective fields. AI avatars can be used in many different areas, and their use is expected to grow even more in the future. For more detailed information about the webinar content, please refer to the video.

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