Revolucionando a educação: AI Human Professor

Incheon National University

DeepBrain AI has partnered with Incheon National University to bring Professor Kim Pyeong-won, head of the Education Innovation Institute and professor in the Department of Korean Language Education, to life in digital form. This collaboration marks a milestone in the field of education, creating the first AI human professor in South Korea.

Tailoring Education with AI Scripting

AI Studios provides students with an innovative and personalized learning experience through video lectures and customized feedback. Using tailored and customized scripts generated by Professor Kim or his teaching assistants, AI Professor Kim offers students the opportunity to learn from and interact with a well-known professor. Professor Kim's digital replication also allows him to maximize his time and effectiveness, freeing up time in his demanding schedule.

Breaking Language Barriers

With the use of AI Text-to-Speech technology, AI Human Professors can communicate in over 50 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Russian. Additionally, AI Studio offers four voice tones (normal, soft, natural, and broadcast), attire options (formal and casual), and 15 gestures to provide both educators and students with an engaging and personalized experience.

Shaping the Future of Education

Through the collaboration between DeepBrain AI and Incheon National University, they have shown that AI human professors effectively combine advanced technology and education to shape the future of learning and promote global educational interactions.