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December 28, 2023

Recent technological advancements have led to more innovative outcomes, with particular attention on emerging technologies such as speech and video synthesis. In a recent webinar that featured intriguing presentations, we explore how 11 Labs and DeepBrain collaborate to unlock new possibilities.

Let's delve into the webinar insights! Explore the dynamic synergy of DeepBrain and 11 Labs, revealing multilingual voices and creative video synthesis.

Breaking Language Barriers

11 Labs offers a service that utilizes modern speech synthesis technology to convert a user's voice into multiple languages. Through this speech clone technology, users can communicate seamlessly in various languages. Notably, 11 Labs supports diverse languages, providing users with the opportunity to easily communicate in multilingual environments. Users can clone their voices and generate speech in different languages, adapting to various situations.

Innovative Technology Fusion

1. Introduction to AI Studios

AI Studios, a video synthesis platform from DeepBrain, utilizes innovative technology to create diverse avatars and virtual characters for generating video content.

Key Features of AI Studios

▶ Utilization of videos and images: Users can create avatars using their own recorded videos and images.

▶ Text-based video creation: AI Studios generates avatars with natural voice and movement based on text input.

▶ Diverse applications: AI Studios can be applied in various fields such as advertising, entertainment, and education.

2. New Dimensions in Video Synthesis

AI Studios provides a platform for users to easily create diverse video content, enabling creative and effective video production.

Use Cases of AI Studios

▶ Marketing and advertising: Users can create unique and compelling advertising content using AI Studios.

▶ Educational content: AI Studios enriches learning experiences by creating engaging content in the education sector.

3. Convergence of Language and Video

11 Labs transforms users' voices into various languages through speech clone technology, enabling the creation of realistic and multilingual video content in AI Studios.

Distinctive Features of Speech Clone Technology

▶ Support for various languages: 11 Labs can convert a user's voice into different languages.

▶ Natural pronunciation: Cloned voices exhibit natural and nearly indistinguishable pronunciation compared to native speakers.

4. Integration of Two Technologies

The collaboration between AI Studios and 11 Labs combines two innovative technologies, opening up possibilities for diverse content creation.

Integration of Speech Clone and AI Studios

▶ Expansion of language diversity: Users can leverage 11 Labs' speech clone in AI Studios to generate speech in multiple languages using a single voice.

▶ Creative video production: The integration allows for the creation of creative and effective video content.

Q&A Session Summary

1. Collaboration Method between DeepBrain and 11 Labs' Speech Clone

In the webinar's Q&A session, there was a detailed explanation of how DeepBrain's AI Studios and 11 Labs' speech clone technology collaborate. Users can generate a speech clone in 11 Labs and apply it to videos by importing it into AI Studios.

2. Language Diversity in Speech Clone Technology

11 Labs supports various languages, allowing users to communicate in multiple languages through speech clone technology. Users can clone their voices, enabling them to produce multilingual video content.

3. Deepfake and Media Display Regulations

DeepBrain strengthens regulations related to deepfakes to ensure the safe use of user-generated content. Additionally, the company complies with media display regulations, providing transparency for AI-generated content.


Through the technological collaboration between the two companies, users can experience linguistic diversity and a new dimension in video creation. Speech and video synthesis technologies continue to advance innovatively, and we anticipate further developments resulting from the ongoing collaboration between 11 Labs and DeepBrain.

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