KB Kookmin Bank Introduces AI Banker – Revolutionizing Customer Experience

KB Koomin Bank

KB Kookmin Bank, a major financial institution in Korea, has partnered with DeepBrain AI to develop a groundbreaking innovation in the banking industry - the first AI Banker in the form of a kiosk. This marks a major milestone in the development of digital customer service and engagement.

The Evolution of Customer Interaction: Real-time Conversations with AI

KB Kookmin Bank collaborated with DeepBrain AI to establish an AI experience zone within its Yeouido headquarters. The zone enables customers and visitors to interact with an AI Banker in real-time, featuring cutting-edge voice and video synthesis, natural language processing, and speech recognition technologies.

The AI Banker aims to minimize any potential discomfort or hesitation customers might feel toward AI interactions through human-like interactions, natural gestures, and a user-friendly design. This groundbreaking innovation not only provides a contactless customer experience but also enhances engagement and convenience.

Addressing Customer Preferences and Convenience

As the world continues to grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless interactions have become the preferred method of transactions. In response to this shift, KB Kookmin Bank has partnered with DeepBrain AI to develop the AI Banker. This first-of-its-kind kiosk offers peace of mind to customers who prioritize remote and/or contactless interactions while providing secure consultation services and reducing customer wait times.

The Birth of the AI Banker: Fusion of Human Data

The AI Banker's creation was a collaborative effort that involved using authentic voice and video data from two male and female employees at KB Kookmin Bank's branches. This approach results in the AI Banker's responses and interactions closely mirroring human behavior, which makes it more natural and relatable to customers.

Enhancing Customer Engagement: AI Banker's Functions

The AI Banker at KB Kookmin Bank provides customers with a comprehensive range of services, welcoming them with voice, video, and text interactions. Its answers are powered by KB Kookmin Bank's proprietary financial language model, KB-STA, ensuring accurate and relevant information.

Furthermore, to ensure a seamless and secure customer experience, the AI Banker uses front-facing cameras to detect when a customer leaves the kiosk which then automatically closes the session.

A Multifunctional AI Experience

The AI Banker's capabilities extend beyond basic inquiries. It can also assist customers in navigating the use of nearby intelligent automated devices (STM) and automated teller machines (ATM). Additionally, the AI Banker offers insights into financial products, kiosk installation locations, financial literacy, local weather updates, nearby facilities, and general conveniences of life. Its versatility enhances customer engagement by providing a holistic experience.

Humanizing Technology: Natural Gestures and User-Friendly Design

The AI Banker is designed to minimize customer discomfort. Even in idle mode, it exhibits natural gestures like hand movements, nodding, and adjusting its appearance, mirroring human behaviors. This strategic design choice aims to reduce any potential hesitations or aversions customers might feel toward AI interactions.

Ensuring a Seamless Experience

KB Kookmin Bank has successfully deployed AI Bankers through its collaboration with DeepBrain AI. This innovative development marks a significant step towards the future of customer service, addressing the current demand for contactless interactions while enhancing customer engagement and convenience. By integrating AI and human-like interactions, the AI Banker represents a cutting-edge solution that promises to revolutionize customer experience across multiple industries as technology continues to evolve.