3D Avatars

DeepBrain AI offers more than just realistic humans. Discover how creating a custom 3D avatar can support your brand and create unique digital interactions.

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What are 3D Avatars?

A 3D avatar is a digitally designed character, not limited by video footage-based training, allowing it to take on any form—from human characters to animals, and even your brand's mascot!

They come with all the core benefits of our studio avatars, such as natural speech and body movements, making them perfect for use in our video editor and as conversational avatars.

How to Create a Custom 3D Avatar

Create a Plan with Our Team

Contact our team, and we'll work together to develop a custom avatar production plan that brings even your most unique ideas and concepts to digital life.

Don't hesitate to approach us with innovative ideas; we're equipped and ready to make anything a reality

Development Stage

While our avatar team is designing your AI avatar, your dedicated customer success manager will provide regular updates to ensure the avatar meets your exact specifications.

Integrate Your New Avatar

After your custom avatar is completed, you can seamlessly integrate it with our AI video generator for video production or use it as a conversational avatar, similar to our standard avatar options. Your custom avatar will be exclusively accessible to authorized accounts.

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

AI Brand Mascot

Create a 3D AI Avatar to embody your brand and offer a unique, interactive experience to your customers, clients, or anyone engaging with your company.

Customize everything from your avatar's appearance, voice, speaking style, and gestures to perfectly align with your brand identity.

Level Up Avatar Conversations

Custom avatars can be integrated with any large language model, including GPT, to power meaningful interactions that support your business goals and services.

By deploying a custom conversational avatar, you can provide personalized, on-brand digital experiences that are not only authentic and engaging but also available to assist users and customers 24/7.

On-Brand Videos at Scale

Strengthen your digital marketing strategies and increase ROI with our AI-driven text-to-video technology.

Use your custom avatar to produce unique, personalized video content at scale, enhancing audience engagement and brand recognition, while reducing overhead costs and production time by at least 80%.

Step by step guide on how to use an AI video generator with lifelike, realistic AI Avatars. Features a POC AI Avatar dressed in yellow.

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AI Studios Features Worth Exploring

AI Studios serves as your all-in-one AI creation suite, all in the cloud! Explore more features and learn how our AI Avatars can help you achieve your goals.

Custom Studio Avatar

Learn more about creating a hyper-realistic digital twin of you, a team member, or ambassador.

Multi-Avatar Scenes

Introduce multiple avatars into video scenes to simulate conversations and interactions.

Languages and AI Voices

Discover AI Studios' 100+ voices in 80+ languages.

AI Avatars

Explore our library of 100+ available stock avatars.

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We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

What software does DeepBrain AI use to create 3D avatars?

We primarily utilize Unreal Engine and Unity to create 3D avatars. Additionally, we can collaborate with your in-house creative team to co-design an AI avatar that best suits your needs.

How long does it take to create a 3D avatar?

Typically, the process takes about a month; however, the exact timeline can vary depending on several factors such as project scope, goals, and available resources. Your customer success manager will work closely with you to establish a timeline that aligns with your needs.

Do 3D avatars lip-sync like Studio Avatars?

Yes, our 3D avatars boast all the capabilities of studio avatars, including gesture control, natural speech, and more. Additionally, 3D avatars offer greater customizability and flexibility in character design compared to studio avatars, allowing for a more tailored experience for the final result.

Who will have access to my avatar?

Access to your custom avatar is strictly controlled and limited to authorized accounts only. The avatar will not be publicly available to other users. Terms of use and access policies will be clearly outlined and discussed with your customer success manager.