Screen Recording

Our in-editor screen recorder helps share ideas with speed and clarity. Capture your screen with just a click, and have an AI avatar deliver your message in 80+ languages.

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Capture, Edit, and Share
Screen Recording Videos with Ease

Quick & Easy Screen Captures

AI Studios provides a comprehensive solution for efficient, studio-quality video production. Record your screen, edit, and integrate everything directly from a single tab—no cameras or microphones necessary.

AI Avatar Narration

Never re-record your screen captures again. With our selection of over 100 AI avatars and voices, easily find the perfect AI narrator to deliver your screen-recording dialogue flawlessly.

Video Translation

Our AI video generator translates and localizes screen recordings into more than 80 languages, making it perfect for teams worldwide or for engaging audiences in any location. AI Studios simplifies communication across the globe.

How to Screen Record

Start Recording

Start by finding the screen recording button in the asset tab to capture your screen. You can choose to record a specific tab, window, or the entire screen.


Edit & Integrate

After recording, write a script in our text editor to create an AI voiceover and seamlessly integrate your screen capture into your video project.


Generate & Share

Hit 'Generate,' and let AI Studios convert your text into studio-quality voiceovers for screen recordings. No mics or cameras needed for impactful, professional screen recording videos.


Benefits of Screen Capture

Screen recording is an efficient, versatile tool for content creation, enhancing communication, streamlining reviews, and meeting diverse educational and professional needs.

Simplified Content Creation

Screen recording saves time by eliminating the need for additional visuals like slides or footage.

Enhanced Clarity

Screen recordings clarify complex instructions more effectively than text or speech alone.

Efficient Feedback

Screen recordings quickly pinpoint concerns, reducing back-and-forth in reviews and feedback cycles.

Broad Application

Screen recording is a versatile tool for sharing information, from educational content to product demos.

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AI Script Assistant

Grammar check, translate text, and brainstorm video ideas all within our editor.

Multi-Avatar Scenes

Include multiple avatars in your video scenes to direct and create dynamic conversations and storylines.

AI Art Generator

No more endlessly searching for the perfect image or video. Generate custom, on-brand visuals and videos by typing in what you need with our AI-driven art generator.

Brand Kit

Import custom fonts and company logos directly in the editor for greater creative control, visual impact, and brand consistency.


Generate video captions with a single click for accurate transcriptions, making your content more accessible and engaging.

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AI Studios Features Worth Exploring

AI Studios serves as your all-in-one AI creation suite, all in the cloud! Explore more features and learn how our AI Avatars can help you achieve your goals.

TTS Languages

Localize your screen recording videos in 80+ languages and 100+ AI Voices

Auto Captions

Automatically add captions to your screen captures, enhancing accessibility and reach.

Text to Speech

Convert text into natural, lifelike speech.

AI Video Generator

Create professional-quality videos all from your browser—no cameras, mics, or actors needed.

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We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

What is screen recording?

Screen recording or screen capturing records your computer screen’s activities over time, saving it as a video file. This can include actions like web browsing, application usage, and media playback. With AI Studio, you can capture virtually anything from your web browser, although some sites may block screen capture capabilities.

Is it legal to record my screen?

Yes, recording your screen is generally legal and useful for personal or work-related tasks. However, publishing recorded content that is copyrighted or contains sensitive information without permission can lead to legal issues.

Can I edit my screen capture video?

Absolutely! With AI Studios, you can edit your screen recordings directly in our video editor and seamlessly integrate them into your footage. Easily write scripts, create avatar narrations, and add visual assets like text, arrows, or circles to enhance your video.

How long can a screen recording be?

A screen recording can be as long as necessary, but for optimal audience engagement, we recommend keeping it concise.