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The most lifelike digital twin of you! Capture your speaking mannerisms, voice, and favorite gestures to be used in our AI video generator or conversational avatar solutions.  

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What are Studio Avatars?

Studio digital avatars are the highest quality avatars available from DeepBrain AI. They are designed for users who need production-quality videos or are developing industry-standard AI projects.

How to Create a Custom Studio Avatar

Model Appearance Guidelines

Once the avatar plans and details are finalized, models will be scheduled for a studio session where they will be prepped with makeup and wardrobe upon arrival. It is important that the model's clothing, hairstyle, and makeup remain consistent throughout the video.

Studio Session

After the model is prepared, we'll begin shooting using an Ultra HD (4K) camera set against a brightly lit green backdrop. Scripts will be provided on a teleprompter to accurately capture the model’s voice.

The session is anticipated to last around three hours, although this may vary depending on factors like outfit changes, gestures, or any special requests.

Avatar Synthesis

The model synthesis production usually takes 3-4 weeks following the studio session. Throughout this period, your project success manager will provide regular updates to make sure the avatar is designed exactly as you envision.

After your avatar is completed, you can easily integrate it into our AI video generator or use it to create a conversational avatar, just like any of our stock avatars. Your custom avatar will be exclusively available to authorized accounts.

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

AI Video Generator

With a custom avatar, you can create videos of yourself, a team member, or a brand ambassador at scale without the need to appear on camera. Simply type text to produce on-brand, consistent content anytime, anywhere --all in the cloud.

Custom Conversational Avatar

Deploy your custom avatar as a virtual assistant, support agent, or tutor. Our avatars mimic natural human interactions, are capable of listening and responding, and allow you to create personalized interactions that feel authentic and on-brand, offering round-the-clock engagement.

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AI Avatars

Select the perfect AI narrator from a diverse range of ethnicities, genders, outfits, and personas.

Lifelike AI Avatars

We capture all the nuances of our human models from appearance, expressions, voice, and speaking mannerisms to create the most realistic AI avatars. No uncanny valley here.

Custom Avatar Gestures

Creating a custom avatar allows you to design a set of personalized gestures, reflecting your unique personality in your digital twin.

Multi-Language AI Voices

Easily localize your content by changing the TTS language, enabling you to communicate with a global audience in just a few clicks.

Supercharge Your Content Creation Workflow with AI Studios

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Create videos anytime, anywhere. With AI Studios, there's no need to juggle schedules or hunt for studio space. Create videos in the cloud on-demand and effortlessly scale your workflow.

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High-quality video production without the traditional costs or time needed.  Eliminate expenses like studio rentals, actor and production staff hires, or investing in costly equipment like cameras.

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AI Studios ist mein Favorit von allen! Mir hat sehr gut gefallen, wie aktuell die Funktionen sind.

Erika C.
Spezialist für Verhalten bei besonderen Bedürfnissen

AI Studios ist ein leistungsstarkes Tool zum Erstellen von KI-generierten Videos mit einfachem Text.

Kumail M.
Manager für soziale Medien

Die KI-Videogenerierung optimiert den Prozess der Erstellung von Videoinhalten. Es kann textbasierte Informationen schnell in ansprechende Videos umwandeln.

König Ireneo

Mit AI Studios können Benutzer schnell Prototypen erstellen und neue Ideen testen, was zu Innovationen und neuen Entdeckungen führen kann.

Herr Taqi
Technischer Personalvermittler

AI Studios macht es für Freelancer überflüssig, in teure Hardware oder Software zu investieren, was es zu einer kostengünstigen Lösung macht.

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Manager für Geschäftsentwicklung

AI Studios Features Worth Exploring

AI Studios serves as your all-in-one AI creation suite, all in the cloud! Explore more features and learn how our AI Avatars can help you achieve your goals.

Multi-Avatar Scenes

Introduce multiple avatars into video scenes to simulate conversations and interactions.

Stock AI Avatars

Explore all our stock avatars available to use in our AI video generator and as conversational avatars.

Custom 3D Avatars

Design a CGI avatar model in any style, with all the core features of studio avatars.

Languages and AI Voices

Explore AI Studios' 100+ voices in 80+ languages

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We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

Will the AI Avatar exactly replicate the target model’s appearance and voice?

Yes, our process captures all nuances of the target model’s voice, facial expressions, and body gestures during the recording session. The result is a complete digital clone that mirrors the original model in every aspect.

How long does it take to create a custom AI Avatar?

The creation of a custom AI Avatar, including the recording session, deep-learning integration, and model production, typically takes about a month. This timeline can be adjusted to fit your specific project scope and goals, with personalized support from your customer success manager.

Can the custom AI Avatars change outfits?

Yes, AI Avatars can switch outfits, and you can select the desired outfits during the initial recording session. If additional outfits are needed later, another recording session will be required. Please coordinate with our business development team to discuss contractual terms.

Can the custom AI Avatar be viewed from different angles?

While technically possible, multiple viewing angles for custom AI Avatars are an experimental feature that requires additional planning. We generally do not offer this unless necessary, but we have successfully implemented it for clients in the past when required.