Custom Dictionary

Make sure your AI Avatar says every word correctly. Our dictionary tool allows for pronunciation corrections and adjustments.

Mondelez International
Hyundai Hmall
Fox 26 News
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
The Times Group
APMG International
DP World
Mettler Toledo
Magic EdTech
Georg Fischer
Intercontinental Hotels & Groups
Shinhan Bank

What Does the Dictionary Tool Do?

Our dictionary feature allows you to modify the pronunciation of text-to-speech words using phonetic spellings, ensuring your AI avatar says each name and term exactly as you intend it to sound.

How to Correct Mispronunciations in Text-to-Speech

Highlight the Mispronounced Word

Highlight the mispronounced word by dragging your cursor over it in the script editor, then click on our dictionary tool at the bottom left of the text box to adjust its pronunciation.

Input Phonetic spelling

You can adjust the pronunciation of a word by using phonetic spelling. We recommend sounding out the words as you would say them (i.e. ‘NASA’ → “Nass-Uh”). Alternatively, you can use Google's new pronunciation tool in Search — simply query "How do I pronounce NASA?"

Review the New Pronunciation

Click the 'Listen' button to check if your avatar's pronunciation of the edited word aligns more closely with the intended pronunciation.

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Customize Pronunciation

With our dictionary tool, you can easily adjust the pronunciation of specific words, including uncommon jargon, acronyms, and names, to make sure our AI avatar says them just right.

Enhance Clarity and Comprehension

Save time and maintain audio quality by using the dictionary tool to quickly correct pronunciations without the need for re-recording or extensive editing.

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We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

How do I identify mispronunciations before generating my video?

To check for mispronunciations in your script, click the 'Listen' button to preview the audio through our AI avatars. If you hear any words said incorrectly, simply highlight them and use our Dictionary Tool to make the necessary adjustments.

How can I correct a mispronunciation?

If a word isn't pronounced correctly, you can tweak its phonetic spelling to match your intended pronunciation. For example, to fix how 'Telephone' is said in American English, you might spell it as 'tel-uh-fone.

Can I correct pronunciations in any language?

Yes, our Dictionary Tool supports pronunciation corrections for all languages available on AI Studios. Just type the phonetic spelling in your target language to accurately guide the AI avatar’s pronunciation.

Will the corrected pronunciation apply universally to the same word in the text?

Right now, you need to apply the corrected pronunciation every time the word appears in your script because our editor doesn’t yet support universal corrections. We’re always working to improve our features, so stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates from AI Studios!