[AI Webinar] DeepBrain AI Webinar with Lenovo

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July 4, 2024
Event & Webinar
February 2, 2024

Welcome to the groundbreaking DeepBrain AI Webinar in collaboration with Lenovo! Explore the world of private and secure LLMS for AI humans. The session will be recorded, and a link will be shared. With 30 minutes of content and a 15-minute Q&A, let's delve into the future of AI interactions!

In-Depth Exploration

Explore the heart of our webinar, where we unveil the intricacies of AI human development.

1. Introduction to Speakers

Meet Chris Van Buren, a data scientist at Lenovo, and Joe Murphy, a business development manager at DeepBrain AI, bringing a wealth of experience to the table.

2. A.I. Paris Demonstration

Witness A.I. Paris, a virtual human, showcasing the expressiveness and versatility of DeepBrain AI's avatars, widely used for engaging customer experiences.

3. AI Human Development Process

Delve into the four-hour training session capturing a real person's unique features, the transformation into a hyper-realistic AI avatar, and the emphasis on indistinguishable realism.

4. Key Technologies Unveiled

Frame Interpolation: Highlighting the natural gestures and movements of AI avatars.

Real-Time Synthesis: Ensuring low latency for a seamless conversational experience.

5. Differentiation Factors

Understand how DeepBrain AI stands out, particularly in achieving a 96.5 similarity score to real humans, emphasizing hyper-realism.

6. AI Human Overview

Grasp the scalability of script-to-video applications, focusing on conversational videos that offer interactive experiences.

Q&A Session

1. Realism: Achieve hyper-realism with 4k shooting, scoring 96.5 similarity.

2. Multilingual: Potential for multilingual support, language detection available.

3. Development: Capture real features in a 4-hour video for scalable avatars.

4. Real-Time: Ensure real-time synthesis through streaming inference, distributed GPU, and a lightweight model.

5. Distinctive Factors: Stand out with hyper-realistic avatars, advanced gestures, and real-time synthesis.


For a detailed exploration of the fascinating content, please refer to the video recording!

Your curiosity and questions are valued – please don't hesitate to reach out. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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