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January 28, 2024
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January 26, 2024


Welcome, everyone, to the DeepBrain AI and Runway webinar! In this session, we had personal introductions, presentations from both Runway and DeepBrain AI, and explored fascinating ways to combine these tools. The webinar concluded with an engaging Q&A session.

Runway Presentation by Will

1. Background Creation with Gen 2

▶ Demonstrated creating a cinematic background using Runway's Gen 2 feature.

▶ Illustrated the process of generating a video with controlled camera motion.

2. Ambient Motion and Styling

▶ Introduced ambient motion brushes for adding organic movement.

▶ Explored various styles, demonstrating the flexibility of Runway.

3. Advanced Features

▶ Mentioned upcoming features like increased control, higher fidelity, and longer generation times.

▶ Highlighted Runway's image variation tool for diverse image outputs.

DeepBrain AI Presentation by Joe

1. Hyperrealistic AI Avatars

▶ Showcased AI avatars, including a custom avatar for Howie Mandel.

▶ Emphasized hyperrealistic quality and the ability to create avatars of real, virtual, or cartoon characters.

2. Script-to-Video Technology

▶ Presented DeepBrain's AI Studios platform for creating videos with ease.

▶ Emphasized customization options, language support, and ease of use.

3. AI in News Segments

▶ Explored the application of AI avatars in news segments, from national to regional networks.

▶ Discussed the seamless integration of avatars for different purposes.

Joint Demonstration

1. Collaboration between Runway and DeepBrain AI

▶ Demonstrated collaborative projects, combining Runway's image-to-video and DeepBrain's AI avatars.

▶ Showed examples of creating dynamic content, such as a Cybertruck review episode.

2. Flexibility and Creativity

▶ Emphasized the flexibility of using Runway and DeepBrain AI together for unique content creation.

▶ Shared examples of collaborations, hinting at the creative possibilities.


Q&A Session Summary

1. Runway's Engine: Proprietary model built internally at Runway for various applications.

2. Text in Images: Runway prefers images with text included for better results.

3. Resolution of Avatars: Flexible resolutions based on user requirements and preferences.



The webinar showcased the powerful combination of Runway and DeepBrain AI, unlocking new dimensions in content creation. Whether crafting immersive backgrounds or generating hyperrealistic avatars, the collaboration offers a range of possibilities. As technology continues to advance, both Runway and DeepBrain AI are committed to further innovation in their respective fields.

Check the detailed information on the YouTube.

If you have additional questions or would like to explore these tools further, feel free to reach out to the respective platforms.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Runway and DeepBrain AI!


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