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Level up your customer experience and interactions — create personalized & engaging digital experiences with DeepBrain AI's digital avatars.  

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Financial Support & Services Reinvented

Scale and streamline your services and support using powerful, automated AI technology, without increasing headcount or overhead costs.

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Realistic AI Avatars

Avatars are ready for action anytime, anywhere, with no need for rest, scheduling, or preparations.

Multilingual AI Voices

Avatars can speak in 80+ languages, helping you communicate with international clients effectively.

Fully Customizable Solution

Just tell us your pain points, and we'll help develop a custom AI avatar solution tailored to your needs.

Customer Stories

Discover how our customers are harnessing AI avatars to transform their financial services.

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| Custom Avatar + AI Kiosk

AI Banker

NH Bank introduced AI Banker kiosks in its branches, offering 24/7 assistance and providing relaxed, informative interactions that reduce wait times.

The AI Bankers are able to handle high volumes of interactions, easing the burden on human staff and ensuring consistent, on-brand service. They also speak over 80 languages, allowing non-Korean-speaking customers to navigate NH Bank's services seamlessly, eliminating the need for translators.

| Custom Avatar + Conversational Avatar

AI Financial Advisor

Hana Bank integrated a conversational AI into its Hana OneQ mobile app, offering a unique and personalized service to its users. The AI avatar uses deep learning technology to provide personalized investment insights and financial market trends, including currency exchange forecasts. It also answers questions in a way that feels like talking to a real financial advisor face-to-face.

The avatar integration enhances Hana Bank's digital customer services, offering concise, actionable insights to help customers make informed investment decisions.

DeepBrain AI
AI Avatar Technology

Conversational AI Avatar

Simulate real conversations that flows naturally. Our AI Avatar quickly listens, comprehends, and responds to any questions.

  • Connect your existing chatbot or create a custom LLM based off our your educational materials to power an AI banker or AI teller

    • Available on mobile, web, metaverse, & AI kiosk

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      AI Video Generator

      All-in-one platform for turning text into videos. With realistic AI avatars, natural text-to-speech, & powerful AI tools, you can quickly scale up your video projects with ease.

      • Quickly create informational and engaging videos without needing cameras, mics, or actors  

        • Easily repurpose your materials by converting prompts, URLs, PowerPoints, PDFs, & more into videos in minutes

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          AI Kiosk

          On-site conversational AI avatar solution, ideal for high-traffic areas to provide easy access to guests and visitors.

          • Completely customizable add-ons, including camera, facial recognition, movement detection, and more.

            • Conversational AI human options available as on-premise or cloud-based solutions.

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              AI Avatars Key Features

              AI Video Generator

              Realistic Lip Sync

              Our avatars speak so naturally and realistically, you'll forget they're AI.

              AI Video Generator


              Our avatars can speak in over 80 languages.

              AI Video Generator

              Natural Body Movements

              Our avatars move naturally, even when they're not actively engaged.

              AI Video Generator

              No Uncanny Valley

              Our avatars boast an incredible 96.5% similarity to real humans.

              AI Video Generator

              Custom Gestures

              Our avatars can respond with specific gestures to relevant topics.

              AI Video Generator

              24/7 Availability

              Our avatars are available around the clock for any guest inquiries.

              AI Video Generator

              Natural Conversation Flow

              Avatars can respond to inquiries in under a second.

              AI Video Generator

              Custom Avatar

              Create an avatar that perfectly captures your brand image.

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