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Enhance Your Finance Service by DeepBrain AI Products

AI Studio can help your financial institution to create a streamlined customer experience. AI human & AI Kiosk will help your customers to engage 24/7.

Reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction with quick and clear responses from Virtual Humans that are always ready to engage.

  • Interactive & Engaging
  • Efficient work distribution
  • Great customer experience & improve sales performance
| AI Human + AI Kiosk

Virtual Lobby Leader

AI Human & AI Kiosk have been implemented in KB bank, one of the major banks in Korea, answering diverse questions regarding basic inquiries, banking services and more.

  • Omnichannel service coverage
  • Responding to basic inquiries
  • Reduce wait times
  • Targeted upsell opportunities
| AI Studios

AI Analyst

Samsung securities firm created digital twins of their major analysts and make finance analysis videos for their investors everyday.

  • Easily create financial analysis videos
  • Personalized and more friendly than email text

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