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Transform your video creation with AI written text, powered by ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI.

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  2. Auto-generate script, speech & video
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Advantages of AI Video Tools with ChatGPT Function


ChatGPT is a trained natural language processing model. Real-time conversation is possible using 'GPT-3' language technology, an artificial intelligence model created by OpenAI.

AI Studios

AI Studios is a video creation platform that integrates ChatGPT and AI avatar to provide an easy and efficient way to create AI avatar videos.

AI Studios

By using ChatGPT, the platform generates scripts automatically, making it possible to create videos without the need for manual scripting.

AI Studios

With this integration, users can seamlessly use both chat and video creation tools within the same platform. Let us guide you through the process of creating an automatic video using the ChatGPT function within AI Studios.

AI Tools comparison

Explore the unique feature that sets AI Studio apart from other tools

ChatGPT Video AI Generator

Typical AI VIDEO generator

Hassle editing process

ChatGPT Video AI Generator

AI STUDIOS embedded on chatGPT

From script to video in one tool

Why should script and video generation be in one AI tool?


One AI Tool saves time and effort, streamlining the content creation process.


One AI tool  ensures consistent style, strengthening brand identity.


One AI tool saves costs for small businesses and individuals with limited resources.

How AI STUDIOS works

AI Video Generator

Script Creation

Topic-keyword input, and our tool does the rest.

AI Video Generator

AI Avatar Creation

Choose AI avatars that match your brand or messge.

AI Video Generator

AI Video Generation

Combine script and avatar to create a professional-quality video.

How to use AI STUDIOS’ ChatGPT feature for content creation

Ideas and organizing content from scratch can be demanding tasks, but AI STUDIOS with large language models offers a simple solution

ChatGPT Video AI Generator

Just Order a Topic or Question

  • By doing so, you get inspiration for content.
  • Helping your save time and effort.
  • More engaging and understandable content you can get.

65+ Templates

  • Select a template that match with your target audience.
  • Templates are professionally designed.
  • Editable video templates are easy to use.
ChatGPT Video AI Generator
ChatGPT Video AI Generator

Auto Content Generation

  • The AI spokesperson is suitably positioned.
  • The contents is logically presented and arranged.
  • Feel free to modify and enhance the avatar to your liking.

Convert Text To Speech

80+ language’s text can be transformed into a realistic voice using AI technology.

AI Spokesperson narrates

Use photo-realistic AI avatars for your engaging video.

100+ languages are avilable

Simply add text in your target language and generate the ai video in a minute.

Use Cases

Car Feature Explanation Video

I appreciate your cooperation in AI video production.
I was satisfied because it was made so much better than we thought.

2022 ORMC180 Mid-Annual Report

AI studios was certainly helpful to our team. Please do keep us informed when there are new updates and functions.

New York Billboard Advertising

'Virtual Human Meet Virtual Assistants' Webinar

Real or Fake? Breaking Boundaries with AI

DeepBrain AI's AI studios is adept at creating human-based AI avatars using video synthesis technology.

Mobile Phone News with AI Avatar

Real-Time AI Tutor 'iCan Do'

All avatars in AI Studios give me the feeling of having a 1:1 class with a real tutor. It is a new edtech service.

Company Introduction

Wow! this video was created through AI Studio's AI avatar!
Now anyone can easily create AI videos with just a few clicks.

SlingShot 2022 Pitch

DeepBrain AI is a deep learning-based video synthesis company specialized in creating hyper-realistic AI humans.

AI STUDIOS leading Generative AI

ChatGPT Video AI Generator

DeepBrain AI, which created AI STUDIOS, is included in the 'Global Top 250 Generative AI Startups' selected by CB Insights, a global market research institute.

The list includes promising global companies such as Soul Machine, an American digital human solution company, and Synthesia, a British startup that created soccer star David Beckham's AI avatar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GPT-3 & ChatGPT?

GPT-3 is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI, while ChatGPT is a version of GPT-3 designed for conversational AI applications.

What is Open AI?

OpenAI is a non-profit research organization dedicated to advancing safe and beneficial artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity.

What are AI tools for automated content generation and video synthesis?

Currently, AI Studios is the only tool that offers the ability to automatically generate content using high-quality avatars.

How dose ChatGPT combine with Video?

By integrating the GPT-3 API's script generation capabilities within AI studios, it is possible to conveniently create video content within a video synthesis tool, with AI avatars speaking the generated script.

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