ChatGPT AI Video Generator

Turn hours of production into minutes by leveraging the power of AI Studios and ChatGPT. Create scripts, edit visuals, and streamline your content creation process, all on one platform.

  1. Auto-Generate Scripts and Video Footage
  2. 100+ AI Avatars to Narrate Your Videos
  3. Personalize, Refine, and Scale Your Video Production

Trusted by 50,000+ Companies of All Sizes and Industries

Mondelez International
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AI Studios' ChatGPT-Powered Tools

Explore how AI Studios is reimagining what's possible in video creation with AI

ChatGPT Video AI Generator

In-Editor Script Assistant

  1. In-editor ChatGPT script assistant available 24/7
  2. Generate and refine video scripts without needing to leave AI Studios
  3. Effortlessly grammar check, translate text, and brainstorm ideas with just text instructions
ChatGPT Video AI Generator

AI Video Automation Suite

  1. The best of AI for content creation in one hub
  2. Transform text prompts, URLs, PDFs, PPTs, & more into pro-quality first video drafts
  3. Instant script and footage creation, along with studio-quality AI avatar narration

How GPT Video Creation Tools Can Help


AI Automation tools save you time and effort, supercharging the content creation process by creating great first video drafts

ChatGPT AI Video Generator


Our AI-powered AI Avatars can be used to narrate all videos and help you maintain a consistent brand spokesperson.

ChatGPT AI Video Generator


AI Studios has already helped video creators of all sizes save over 80% on video production costs and time.

ChatGPT AI Video Generator

AI Text-to-Video in 3 Easy Steps

AI Video Generator

Script & Video Creation

Enter your prompt and AI Studios will work its magic.

AI Video Generator

Choose Your AI Avatar

Choose an AI avatar that reflects your brand or message.

AI Video Generator

AI Video Generation

Add the final touches and your video will be ready to share in no time.

Redefine Content Creation with AI Studios

ChatGPT Video AI Generator

AI Topic-to-Video

  • ChatGPT AI Video Generator
    Generate first video drafts and script with just a prompt
  • ChatGPT AI Video Generator
    Spend less time and effort writing scripts, finding the right images, and recording voiceovers
  • ChatGPT AI Video Generator
    Kickstart your creative process by just typing in your video ideas or uploading a URL, PDF, PPT, and more!

AI Grammar Checker

  • ChatGPT AI Video Generator
    Fix any spelling mistakes and correct any grammar errors.
  • ChatGPT AI Video Generator
    Change the tone of the script with a simple prompt.
  • ChatGPT AI Video Generator
    Make sure your voiceovers convey your intended message.
ChatGPT Video AI Generator
ChatGPT Video AI Generator

Language Translator

  • ChatGPT AI Video Generator
    80+ text-to-speech languages in 100+ voice tones.
  • ChatGPT AI Video Generator
    Reach teams, customers, and audiences worldwide.
  • ChatGPT AI Video Generator
    Translate scripts and text directly in AI Studios.

AI Studios vs Traditional Video Creation Tools

Explore the features that set AI Studios apart from traditional video editing tools

ChatGPT Video AI Generator

Old-Fashioned Video Editor

  1. Can take weeks to months from start to finish
  2. Requires costly filming equipment
  3. Needs complex video editing know-how
  4. Actors may need to take multiple retakes
  5. Difficult to create personalized videos at scale
ChatGPT Video AI Generator

AI STUDIOS with Generative AI

  1. Turn hours of video production into minutes
  2. No filming or recording equipment required
  3. Created for both beginners and professionals
  4. AI Avatars always read scripts perfectly
  5. Create personalized videos effortlessly from your browser
ChatGPT AI Video Generator

Convert Text To Speech

Text, blogs, and scripts will be transformed into studio-quality voices using powerful AI technology.

ChatGPT AI Video Generator

Realistic AI Narrater

Our AI Avatars provide flawless narration for your videos every time. No need to reshoot anymore!

ChatGPT AI Video Generator

80+ Languages Available

Easily select a voice from 80+ languages to generate multilingual videos at scale.

Use Cases for ChatGPT-Powered Videos

Customer Explainer Video

ChatGPT AI Video Generator
I appreciate your cooperation in AI video production.
I was satisfied because it was made so much better than we thought.
ChatGPT AI Video Generator

2022 ORMC180 Mid-Annual Report

ChatGPT AI Video Generator
AI studios was certainly helpful to our team. Please do keep us informed when there are new updates and functions.
ChatGPT AI Video Generator

New York Billboard Advertising

'Virtual Human Meet Virtual Assistants' Webinar

Real or Fake? Breaking Boundaries with AI

ChatGPT AI Video Generator
DeepBrain AI's AI studios is adept at creating human-based AI avatars using video synthesis technology.
ChatGPT AI Video Generator

Mobile Phone News with AI Avatar

Real-Time AI Tutor 'iCan Do'

ChatGPT AI Video Generator
All avatars in AI Studios give me the feeling of having a 1:1 class with a real tutor. It is a new edtech service.
ChatGPT AI Video Generator

Company Introduction

ChatGPT AI Video Generator
Wow! this video was created through AI Studio's AI avatar!
Now anyone can easily create AI videos with just a few clicks.
ChatGPT AI Video Generator

SlingShot 2022 Pitch

ChatGPT AI Video Generator
DeepBrain AI is a deep learning-based video synthesis company specialized in creating hyper-realistic AI humans.
ChatGPT AI Video Generator
ChatGPT AI Video Generator

Limitless Possibilities with AI Avatar Video Generator + Large Language Models (LLM)


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that replicates human thought patterns, enabling natural, human-like writing and design capabilities.

AI Studios

AI Studios is a text-to-video AI video platform that integrates powerful LLMs and lifelike AI avatars to produce videos without the need for cameras, microphones, or actors.

AI Studios

ChatGPT automates script and visual generation, streamlining video production by eliminating the need for scripting and creating video visuals from scratch,

AI Studios

With ChatGPT integrated into AI Studios, users can effortlessly leverage the power of both LLM and AI avatars to create beautifully crafted videos without the need to switch tabs or platforms.

AI STUDIOS: A Leader in Generative AI Technology

ChatGPT Video AI Generator

DeepBrain AI, creator of AI STUDIOS, is included in the 'Global Top 250 Generative AI Startups' selected by CB Insights, a global market research institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GPT-3 & ChatGPT?

GPT-3 is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI, while ChatGPT is a version of GPT-3 designed for conversational AI applications.

What is Open AI?

OpenAI is a non-profit research organization dedicated to advancing safe and beneficial artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity.

What are AI tools for automated content generation and video synthesis?

While there are many AI tools for video creation, AI Studios is the only license-free solution that offers the ability to automatically generate video content using high-quality avatars.

How does ChatGPT combine with Video?

By integrating the text and visual generative capabilities of ChatGPT into AI studios, it becomes possible to effortlessly create video content using an AI synthesis tool. DeepBrain's patented, lifelike AI avatars elevate AI-generated video to another level.

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