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Looking for a fast, customizable video with AI avatars speaking various languages? Discover the best Synthesia Alternative!

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Outstanding Features of Synthesia Alternative, DeepBrain AI

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Best Alternative

Gesture Customization

  • The option to add body gestures to an avatar
    (greeting, left hand, right hand, nodding, hand gathering, waving both hands)
Best Alternative

Video Templates

  • Multiple Editable Video Templates
  • Automatic subtitle generation function
  • 80+ languages and accents
  • Wide selection of digital human avatars
Best Alternative

Demo and User Experience

  • Free demo provided
  • A Voice-over with background music
  • High resolution video
  • Realistic human presenters
  • PPT import available
Best Alternative

Editing Options

  • A variety of images provided for editing
  • Model size adjustable (full body / upper body / head)
  • Video size adjustable in both PowerPoint & mobile versions

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AI studios


face (eye movement)
body (greeting)
body (hands out)
body (hands together)


2D realistic avatar
3D avatar
3D charater

Model size

upper body
full body

Video size

ppt size
mobile vertical version


subtitles provided
automatic subtitle function

Enterprise clients

broadcast announcer
global auto company
bank, stock company

CES awards

‘22 Innovation award
‘23 Innovation award

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Best Alternative

Photo-Realistic Avatars

AI avatars generated by AI Studios can look extremely similar to real-life photographs.

  • Created with Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Realistic and High-Quality Human-Like Avatars
  • Custom avatars can be created

Leading B2B Enterprise Market

We are receiving requests to create avatars for World-renowned companies.

  • BMW (German corporation which produces luxury vehicles)
  • Major broadcasting network anchors
  • Celebrites (Sonny football player, Howei Mendal, etc)
Best Alternative
Best Alternative

CES Innovation Awards

CES Innovation Award: Celebrating Outstanding Design & Engineering in Consumer Technology.

  • Winning the award for two consecutive years in 2022 and 2023
  • Innovation Awards Honoree in the Virtual & Augmented Reality sector
  • Increased visibility and recognition and brand image

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AI Studios 3-Step Tutorial

Best Alternative

Step 1 : Select your AI Avtar

You can create your own avatar utilizing one of our sophisticated features.

Step 2 : Type in your text

Just type or paste your text into the box. AI Studios will automatically produce a voiceover.

Step 3 : Generate and share

Your video can be downloaded, streamed, enbedded, and shared.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI Studios?

AI Studios is an AI video production tool that uses AI humans to create video content. Content can be created using virtual human avatars of celebrities or models from various nationalities. After selecting an AI model, enter the script and the video will be completed in 5 minutes.

Is AI Studios free?

AI Studios is a monthly subscription paid service. Those who want to experience AI Studios service can use it as a starter plan ($30 per month) for beginners. But you can create a free demo video to try out the tool.

How to use AI Studios?

AI Studios is incredibly simple to use and requires no additional tools, equipment, or video editing skills. To make a video, select an avatar and voice, enter your video script, then edit the video with visuals and audio before exporting it.

What language does AI Studios support?

We support more than 80 languages. Also, you can choose the original voice & language of each Human model to have more vivid quality audio.

Create high-quality videos

  • 2D+3D Photo realistic avatars
  • Web & Mobile size options