Samsung Securities' AI Revolution Unveils Innovative Future in Finance

Samsung Securities

Samsung Securities is a South Korean financial services company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and a subsidiary of Samsung Group. It is one of the largest securities companies in Korea.

Addressing Previous Challenges

Samsung Securities faced a significant challenge: employees had to arrive early to handle the production, filing, and editing of daily financial news videos. This process was time-consuming and required many employees and resources. Coordinating filming schedules with renowned analysts was also challenging.

To address this, Samsung Securities integrated AI human and AI Studio into their workflow to take over the video production process.

Benefits of Introducing AI

Samsung Securities' adoption of AI technology has opened up new possibilities for the company in the finance industry. By automating the video production process with AI human and AI Studio, employees are able to focus on their core tasks and engage with high-value analysts more easily. This has led to improved operational efficiency, reduced overtime, and fast production and distribution of information. The emergence of AI analysts has opened up new horizons, enabling unrestricted utilization that has proven to be highly advantageous to business operations.