Enhance Engagement with Conversational AI Avatars

The first and only solution for real-time conversations with an AI Human. Serving multiple roles such as AI Retailer, AI Banker, AI Tutor, etc. AI Humans provide cost-effective 24/7 service with a smile.

Enhance Customer Experience With Interactive AI Humans

Talk to AI with an AI Avatar

AI avatars are always ready to listen and have the right answers with AI chatbots. Within a mobile app, web browser, kiosk, or deep inside the metaverse, meet your customers where they are with a conversational AI avatar.

2D Metahuman

2D Realistic AI Avatar

Hyper-realistic 2D AI avatars support real-time conversations
with full HD quality.

Talk to Sales
3D Metahuman

3D Digital Human

Moving to the metaverse was always part of the plan at DeepBrain AI. All of our AI models are 3D-ready for a more immersive experience.

Coming Soon

Use Cases by Industry

AI Video Generator

Financial Services

Solve customer problems by talking directly to an AI agent through video for difficult financial consultations.

AI Video Generator


In addition to English, you can receive coaching while talking directly with AI tutors in various languages.

AI Video Generator


AI staff installed in AI kiosks installed in offline stores can respond 24 hours a day to customer inquiries about sales, products, or discount events.


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Easy integration with other chatbot builders

In addition to various chatbot builders such as Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson, you can easily connect existing chatbot services to AI Human using the Webhook method.

Best Face Swap App

Easy and simple to make

Even if you do not have experience in video consultation service production or design, you can easily create a consultation project with just a few clicks and upload it to the desired web or app service.

AI Models

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