Seamless Retail Experience through Advanced AI Technology

LOTTE Data Communication Company

LOTTE Data Communication Company has partnered with DeepBrain to drive its digital transformation by incorporating artificial intelligence into unmanned stores. DeepBrain's innovative AI Human solution introduces virtual humans capable of real-time communication, marking a new era in customer service and convenience.

Transforming Customer Interaction

DeepBrain AI's breakthrough AI Human technology has enabled Lotte Information Communication to enhance customer experiences in their unmanned stores. By creating virtual humans that closely mimic real people, with natural visual representation and conversational abilities, the convenience store industry is taking a significant step forward in humanizing technology.

AI Human in Action

Lotte Information Communication and DeepBrain collaborated to introduce the AI Human experience at a flagship Seven-Eleven store. Customers can interact with the AI Human through a large touchscreen at the entrance, gaining access to a wealth of information that streamlines their shopping journey.

The AI Human Advantage

The AI Human empowers customers to effortlessly navigate the inventory of a convenience store. By utilizing a large touchscreen, customers can quickly locate products across categories such as beverages, snacks, and household essentials. This personalized guidance enhances efficiency and minimizes search time, providing an unparalleled shopping experience.

AI-Powered Recommendations

AI Human not only assists with product navigation but also offers tailored recommendations. Customers can discover promotions, special offers, such as buy-one-get-one deals, and receive updates on the latest discounts, making informed shopping decisions easier than ever before.