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Brainstorm video ideas, strengthen your script, translate text, & fast-track video creation with AI Studios' in-editor ChatGPT integration.

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Simplify Video Creation with
AI Generated Scripts

Instant Script Creation

Kickstart your scriptwriting with AI-generated ideas. Just tell us your needs, and we'll help brainstorm ideas, craft an outline, or write a complete script for you to tweak and perfect.

Trusted AI Translation

Easily adapt your scripts into multiple languages to make your content accessible and engaging for a global audience.

Correct Grammar with AI

Improve your script with our in-editor grammar checker and tone enhancer. Refine your message to ensure every word communicates your ideas clearly and effectively.

Benefits of an
AI Script Writer

Writing video scripts has never been easier.

Efficiency Boost

Our AI script Assistant can generate content quickly, reducing production time and helping you meet tight deadlines efficiently.

Scale Your Content

It can handle large volumes of content without compromising quality, making it easier to scale your content production to meet demand.

Concistency in Quality

It helps maintain a high standard of writing, ensuring that scrip creation is not only quick but also consistently clear and well-structured.

Creative Boost

It provides a basis for creativity, offering new ideas and perspectives that can inspire innovative video content and storytelling.

How to Use an AI Script Generator

Locate the AI Script Assistant

Find the AI Script Assistant tool at the bottom of the text editor, via the ChatGPT logo, to begin brainstorming, creating, or editing your script.


Prompt What You Need Help With

Use the AI Script Assistant to generate any text content you need, from improving grammar and adjusting tone to translating text and crafting outlines.


Apply the Script or Regenerate

Review the generated script and make any necessary adjustments. Once finalized, apply it directly into the text editor and your script will be narrated by an AI avatar.


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Create full-production videos directly from your browser, and save over 80% of your time and overhead costs with DeepBrain AI.

Generate WOW-worthy video content from just text and say goodbye to cameras, mics, and actors.

Powerful AI Tools at Reach

DeepBrain AI's video generator offers tools that instantly converts any topic prompt, URL, PDF, blogs, articles, and PowerPoint presentation into engaging, pro-quality videos.

Accelerate your video creation workflow with DeepBrain's powerful AI Automation Suite tools.

100+ AI Avatars

We capture the subtlest details of our models' facial features, expressions, accents, and intonations to offer hyper-realistic AI avatars.

Choose from our wide selection of diverse avatars to narrate and deliver dialogue in your videos, adding a human touch without the need for cameras or microphones.

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Create videos anytime, anywhere. With AI Studios, there's no need to juggle schedules or hunt for studio space. Create videos in the cloud on-demand and effortlessly scale your workflow.

Overhead Costs


High-quality video production without the traditional costs or time needed.  Eliminate expenses like studio rentals, actor and production staff hires, or investing in costly equipment like cameras.

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< 10min

No experience required to start,yet powerful enough for the pros. Our platform is designed to empower users of all skill levels, allowing anyone to produce high-quality videos without any previous experience or training.

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AI Studios is my favorite one to use out of them all! I really liked how up-to-date the features are.

Erica C.
Special Needs Behavior Specialist

AI Studios is a powerful tool for creating AI-generated videos using basic text.

Kumail M.
Social Media Manager

AI video generation streamlines the process of creating video content. It can quickly convert text-based information into engaging videos.

Rey Ireneo
Training Specialist

AI Studios allows users to quickly prototype and test new ideas, which can lead to innovation and new discoveries.

M. Taqi
Technical Recruiter

AI Studios eliminates the need for freelancers to invest in expensive hardware or software, making it a cost-effective solution.

Gie Marie
Business Development Manager

AI Studios Features Worth Exploring

AI Studios serves as your all-in-one AI creation suite, all in the cloud! Explore more features and learn how our AI Avatars can help you achieve your goals.

Topic to Video

Transform prompts into video drafts, complete with scripts, footage, and voiceovers.

URL to Video

Convert web content into videos just by copy-pasting a URL

Article to Video

Repurpose blogs and articles into engaging videos.

Docs to Video

Convert document files (PPT, PDF, etc.) into videos.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

Can the AI Script Assistant translate my script?

Yes, our AI Script Assistant can translate your script into multiple languages. Whether you need to localize content for different regions or reach a broader audience, our tool provides accurate and context-aware translations that maintain the original tone and intent of your script.

How does the AI Script Assistant check grammar?

Our AI Script Assistant uses advanced algorithms to review your script for any grammatical errors. It checks spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and syntax. Our tool provides suggestions for corrections and improvements, ensuring that your script is polished and professionally composed.

How can the AI Script Assistant help me brainstorm ideas?

Our AI Script Assistant generates creative ideas and suggestions based on your initial inputs. Simply provide a topic or a basic concept, and the assistant will offer various ideas and angles from which you can develop your script. This is especially useful for overcoming writer’s block or expanding initial thoughts into fuller script concepts.

What is an AI Script Assistant?

The AI Script Assistant is a tool within AI Studios designed to help you create scripts efficiently. It assists with brainstorming ideas, structuring your outline, checking grammar, and translating text. It simplifies the scriptwriting process, making it easier to produce high-quality content quickly.

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