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Instantly convert text to videos with AI Studios. Transform any blogs, PDFs, URLs, or scripts into pro-quality voiceovers and videos.  

  1. 100+ AI avatars
  2. Narrate in 80+ languages
  3. No video editing skills necessary
No credit card required.

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Transform Text to Video (TTV) in Minutes

Text to Video

1. Input Text

Start by inputting your text into our script box and convert text to voice from 80+ languages and 100+ tones. Use ChatGPT to improve your grammar, generate ideas, and translate to any language.
Text to Video

2. Select an AI Avatar

Our AI Avatars will bring your text to life with natural and engaging AI voice-overs. Choose from our 100+ selection of diverse avatars or create a custom avatar!
Text to Video

3. Finish and Download

Finish up by adding graphic designs, background music, and text. With just one click, your video will be ready to download and share on all platforms in minutes.

Award-Winning AI Avatar Technology

Text to Video

148 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Patents

Text to Video

CES Innovation Award 2022 & 2023

Text to Video

Published Research on Video and Speech Synthesis in ICASSP

Text to Video

Global Top 250 Generative AI Enterprise

Why Use Text to Video

Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text.

Improves Recall

Viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text. Convert your text to video to make a lasting impact on your audience.

Text to Video

Builds Relationships

Video allows brands and creators to showcase their personality and authenticity, making video-based media more relatable to audiences.

Text to Video

Easy to Create

Creating videos is now just as easy, if not easier, than writing text, thanks to tools like AI Studios. No experience is necessary to create great videos.

Text to Video

The Only Editing Tool You Need to Create Videos

Learn about what makes AI Studios faster, easier, and better than traditional video tools.

Text to Video Optimized Templates

Start with our templates to convert your ideas into videos with AI Studios' text-to-video AI tool, text-to-voice, stock images, and more!

  • Text to Video
    500+ Video Templates
  • Text to Video
    Easy to personalize for your audience or brand
  • Text to Video
    Thousands of stock assets to choose from
Text to Video

80+ Language AI Voiceovers

Build a global audience with over 80 TTS languages available. Whether you're creating a video for local or international audiences, you can easily find the perfect language to reach all of your viewers.

  • Text to Video
    80+ languages and dialects
  • Text to Video
    100+ voices in all accents and genders  
  • Text to Video
    Automatic closed captions included
Text to Video

100+ Realistic AI Presenters

Choose from over 100 realistic AI Avatar video narrators to add a layer of personality to your video. Each avatar has unique movements, voice, and style, so you to find the one that best matches your video.

  • Text to Video
    100+ diverse and ultra-realistic AI avatars
  • Text to Video
    Natural movements and lip-sync
  • Text to Video
    Custom avatars avaliable
Text to Video

The #1 Rated AI Video Software on the Planet


CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree for the

Second Consecutive Year


See why people create AI videos with AI Studios

Awesome interface

Ai studios is very helpful, it allows users to create awesome videos just by simply texting, meaning you can create powerful and effective presentation or advertisements to grow yourself or business

Text to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to Video
Mark Joemat
Stock Controller
The Best app that is used until now

To be honest, I liked the very high quality of the recordings and voices the most, which left me speechless. In addition, the ease with which the site can be accessed is very cool

Text to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to Video
Easy to use text to video for marketing

It was particularly important to me it ability to quickly and automatically generate video content from text. This can be particularly useful for marketers and individuals who want to create video content easy and fast.

Text to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to Video
Marlon G
Account Manager

ChatGPT Function

ChatGPT can help automate your video content creation process by quickly converting your blogs, PDFs, URLs, or any text into videos within minutes. With the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT directly in AI Studios' editor, you can brainstorm, edit, and translate your script all in one tool!

Text to Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any video editing skills to use this generator?

You don't need any video editing skills to use AI Studios! Our video editor will take care of everything for you. Just upload your text and let us do the rest.

Can I add images and audio to my video?

Yes, you can import images and audio to your video. Our video editor provides you with all the necessary tools to maximize your creativity.

What AI tool can turn text to video?

With AI STUDIOS, creating a video from text has never been easier. Get started by signing up for a free demo account and play with our tools to create your first text-to-video project!

How do I add text to video?

1. Open the video you want to add text to and import it into AI STUDIOS.
2. Add the text to the video.
3. Customize the text, such as font, size, color, and position.
4. Preview the changes and make any necessary adjustments.
5. Save and export the video with the added text.

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