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DeepBrain's AI Studios simplifies the traditional video production process, providing you with the best of AI for content creation at your fingertips.

Turn text into videos in minutes.

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Offering 100+ voices in 80+ languages

AI Studios: Powerful Text-to-Video Capabilities

Magical AI, Built Right In

Supercharge your project workflow with our ChatGPT integration. Transform blogs, PDFs, PPTs, or URLs into videos in just minutes. Reduce video production time and costs by more than 80% by letting us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Versatile Text-to-Speech Voices

Convert text into lifelike AI voices to add dialogue to your videos. With over 80+ text-to-speech (TTS) languages and 100+ lifelike AI voices, you can create natural-sounding, studio-quality voiceovers at scale.

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100+ Diverse AI Avatars

Our hyper-realistic AI avatars can deliver educational video presentations, product walkthrough videos, personalized marketing videos, and more. Choose from 100+ fully licensed AI avatars or create your own!

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500+ Video Templates

Start your video project with beautifully crafted, easy-to-edit AI Studios templates. Discover the perfect template for any need, including everything from social media to business presentations, news broadcasts, and more!

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Video Templates for All Topics and Industries

What AI Studios Users are Saying

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Text to video using AI

It's easy to use without any technical knowledge to produce an amazing outcome (obviously using their AI technology)

Text to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to Video
Jochen Siepmann
Master Trainer and Coach
Simple and the best

Interactive and engaging with efficient work distribution. Great customer experience and help to improve sales performance.

Text to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to Video
Rodrigo Sena
Sales Training Strategy Manager
Best AI tool for Video Creation

AI studio is one of the best AI tools to create videos for business and promotion in just a few clicks.

Text to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to VideoText to Video
Md. Mahfooz Alam
Start-up Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an AI Avatar Video?

1. Start from scratch, with templates, or with one of our AI tools.
2. Select an AI Avatar and choose a TTS language and voice.
3. Enter your script into the text box.
4. Add click-and-drop text, images, videos, and music.
5. Click on "Generate" and your AI video will be ready in minutes!

What are AI Avatars?

AI avatars, also known as AI humans or digital humans, are digital representations of humans or characters. AI avatars are powered by artificial intelligence to move, speak, and respond in a natural, and human-like way. At DeepBrain AI, we offer two AI Avatar Solutions: AI Video Generator (AI Studios) and Conversational AI Avatar (AI Human).

Are AI Avatars based on real humans? 

At DeepBrain AI, we primarily create our AI avatars from footage of real models recorded in-studio; however, we can make avatars using face swap and 3D creation tools like Unreal and Unity. All custom avatars can be used in AI Studios.

Can I edit AI-generate videos in AI Studios?

AI Studios lets you create and edit videos with AI in one convenient platform. It is a hassle-free AI tool where anyone can create pro-quality AI-generated videos. No experience is necessary.

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