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Level Up Your Digital Media Strategy

Discover how AI video can transform the way you create videos for social media. Easily create, personalize and update:

  • Speed up video production by converting text to videos

  • Automate video creation with instant prompt-to-video tools

  • No cameras, mics, or actors needed to create studio-quality videos

    Long-Form Videos

    Create eye-catching long-form videos for YouTube, Vimeo, and more that will keep your audiences engaged.

    Short-Form Videos

    Generate thumb-stopping short videos for TikTok, Reels, and Stories with no experience required.

    Newsletter & Email Videos

    Video drives action—and results.
    Boost your newsletters and emails with personalized, effective AI videos.

    Customer Stories

    Discover how our customers are harnessing AI Studios to transform their social media content.

    | Custom Avatar + AI Studios

    AI YouTuber

    Samsung Securities integrated DeepBrain AI's AI Studios and custom AI avatars into their social media toolkit, enabling them to efficiently produce daily YouTube videos.

    These videos feature AI avatars of their top analysts discussing market and financial news. This allows the company to showcase their most reputable representatives without disrupting the analysts' busy schedules for filming.

    | AI Studios

    Newsletter Video Embeds

    AI News uses AI Studios to boost their daily email newsletters with engaging, full-production video clips.

    Our AI Video Generator allows them to create short news videos that covers updates or headlines while preserving anonymity. It also eliminates the need for cameras, microphones, or actors to create videos.

    Explore the Magic of AI Studios for Free

    Make video creation effortless with AI Studios.
    Just type, paste, or upload, and have a video created in minutes.

    AI Avatars

    Select the perfect AI Influencer, AI YouTuber, or AI spokesperson from a diverse range of ethnicities, genders, outfits, and personas.

    Key Features for Success on Social Media Platforms

    AI Video Generator

    AI Avatars

    We provide realistic AI models that can speak directly from text. You can also create a custom avatar, allowing you to go camera-free!

    AI Video Generator

    One-Click Translation

    Quickly tailor your social media content for global audiences and translate videos into multiple languages in just seconds.

    AI Video Generator

    Social Media Templates

    Use our professionally designed social media templates for any platform, from TikTok to YouTube, Reels, and more!

    AI Video Generator

    Screen Recording

    Screen capture makes it easy to share tutorials and demos on social media, engaging your audience with real-time actions and insights.

    AI Video Generator


    Instantly generate social media video drafts, including scripts, footage, and AI avatar narration—all from a single prompt.

    AI Video Generator


    Paste a URL and instantly create a social media video, complete with scripts, footage, and AI avatar narration, all within minutes.

    AI Video Generator

    Avatar Gesture Control

    Level up your AI avatars by directing their gestures—have them point, wave, give a thumbs up, and more to boost interaction!

    AI Video Generator

    Auto Captions

    Generate subtitles in seconds to engage viewers who watch without sound—like the 85% of Facebook users who view videos on mute.

    for Social Media

    Stylized, editable social media templates for platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Reels, and more.

    View all Social Media Templates

    We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

    If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

    Can I post AI-generated content on social media?

    Yes, you can post AI-generated content to social media platforms. However, it is important to check each platform's terms of service and guidelines to ensure compliance, particularly regarding content ownership, copyright, and any restrictions related to AI-generated material. Additionally, consider being transparent with your audience about the content's origin, as some platforms and users may prefer or require such disclosure.

    AI Studios' stock avatars are royalty-free, allowing you to use them online as you like, provided the contents of the videos comply with our terms of use.

    Why should I create a custom AI avatar for social media?

    By creating a custom avatar, you make a digital version of yourself that can be used as an AI influencer to create videos from text alone. This offers several benefits. First, it streamlines content creation, allowing you to produce videos quickly from scripts or voice recordings without relying on cameras or actors, making video production more efficient. Additionally, this approach democratizes video creation, enabling individuals and businesses to produce high-quality videos regardless of their resources or experience.

    A custom avatar can also supplement your main video production plan with additional content, helping you scale without extra time and resources. Creating a custom avatar enables you to explore different styles and formats using an AI video Generator like AI Studios, offering a diverse range of content to keep viewers engaged and interested.

    How does AI Studios AI generate videos automatically?

    AI Studios uses powerful algorithms to generate video drafts and scripts from your prompts, URLs, Docs, and more. It then searches through over 10 million stock images and videos, searches the web, generates images and videos using AI, or uses your uploaded assets to create relevant content for your video footage. Additionally, it produces an AI-avatar-led voiceover from the generated or inputted script and adds background music and other elements like on-screen text, enhancing the overall quality of your video.

    AI video generators simplifies video production, allowing you to create engaging content quickly and easily. With AI Studios, you can produce professional videos that capture your message effectively, without needing extensive time or resources.

    How can AI be used to generate video scripts?

    Using ChatGPT, you can generate video scripts, brainstorm ideas, check grammar, and even translate your script. Deepbrain AI integrates ChatGPT into their AI video generator, making it easily accessible during the video creation process. It can also help convert text to video using powerful generative AI capabilities. You can also use any of AI Studios' AI Automation Suite tools to easily create pro-quality first video drafts, complete with script, footage, and AI avatar-led narration.

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