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Create face swap videos online using DeepBrain AI's powerful AI video generator. No need for cameras, microphones, or actors to create professionally crafted videos.

  1. Instant AI Text-to-Video Generator
  2. 80+ Text-to-Speech Languages  
  3. No Video Editing Experience Required
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Why Choose AI Studios as a Face Swap App?

Face Swap

Fast and Easy Video Maker

No cameras or mics needed with the most lifelike text-to-speech AI Avatars available right at your fingertips.

Face Swap

Edit Videos Online

Create videos all in the cloud. Create your video directly in your browser, generate it, and DeepBrain AI will do all the heavy lifting.

Face Swap

Video Production at Scale

Cut hours and reduce thousands of overhead costs by using an AI video generator. Scale video production without compromising on quality.

Create a Custom AI Avatar using Face Swap

What is a custom AI Avatar?

An AI avatar is a realistic digital version of an individual created using artificial intelligence. You can request a custom avatar of yourself, a team member, or a brand ambassador from DeepBrain AI.

How are Avatars Made with Face Swap?

Custom avatars made with face swap can be done upon special request. DeepBrain AI can train and swap the facial features, speaking mannerisms, and voice from existing videos and images of the requested model onto a body double stand-in.

Why Make a Custom Avatar Using Face Swap?

Creating an avatar in-studio can be challenging to fit into busy schedules. With Face Swap, customers can make high-quality custom avatars without the need for the model's attendance. This is especially useful for celebrities, public figures, and special order AI avatars.

Example Videos Made with Face Swap

play iconvirtual humans can't rap
play icontongue twister challenge
play iconchatgpt grows into bing
play iconhow to receive chocolates on valentine's day
play iconvisit ai sudios.com
play iconnest ai environment futurel ai
play iconhow to face swap
play iconvirtual human

All Your Video Essentials in AI Studios

Best Face Swap App

Realistic 2D & 3D AI Avatars

Our avatars look, move, and speak just like real humans. Create videos with a camera-ready avatar anytime.

  • Realistic 2D/ 3D AI Avatars
    Growing collection of 100+ Stock Avatars
  • Realistic 2D/ 3D AI Avatars
    Includes male, female, and 3D character avatars
  • Realistic 2D/ 3D AI Avatars
    Create a custom avatar with us!

Text-to-Speech in 80+ Languages

Generate high-quality voiceovers in multiple languages at scale with DeepBrain AI's text-to-speech technology.

  • 80+ Languages
    Lifelike voices created by AI technology
  • 80+ Languages
    No mics or voice actors needed to record scripts
  • 80+ Languages
    Easily translate videos with our in-editor ChatGPT tool
Best Face Swap App
Best Face Swap App

No Video Editing Skills Needed

No need for complex video editing tools and camera work. Just drag and drop everything you need into AI Studios!

  • Voice Variations
    Convert URL, PPT, and ChatGPT to videos with AI tools
  • Voice Variations
    Simply enter your script and we'll do the heavy lifting
  • Voice Variations
    Customize every aspect of your video at speed and scale

ChatGPT Integration

ChatGPT can help automate your video content creation process by quickly converting your blogs, PDFs, URLs, or any text into videos within minutes. With the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT directly in AI Studios' editor, you can brainstorm, edit, and translate your script all in one tool!

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Award-Winning AI Video and Avatar Technology

148 Artificial Intelligence Patents

148 Artificial Intelligence Patents

CES Innovation Awards ‘22 ‘23

CES Innovation Awards ‘22 ‘23

Research Papers on Video and Speech Synthesis at ICASSP

Research Papers on Video and Speech Synthesis at ICASSP

Global Top 250 Generative AI Enterprise

Global Top 250 Generative AI Enterprise

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Easy user friendly

How anyone can learn it and utilize it. Most helpful would definitely be the customer service.

Easy user friendly
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My Impressive Experience with AI Studio's AI Video Generator!

It’s user-friendly platform that enables individuals and businesses to easily create and deploy AI models without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

My Impressive Experience with AI Studio's AI Video Generator!
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This is an excellent tool for creating and simplifying workflow when up against an expedited timeline.

Excellent Product / More Pricing Structures
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Frequently Asked Questions about AI Video Face Swap

What is the best AI tool for face swap? 

DeepBrain AI is one of the top AI face swap video tools available today. AI Studios utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms and video synthesis technology to produce professional and natural face swap videos. The platform offers a large selection of over 100 male and female faces and voices to choose from, allowing a personalized face swap video making experience.

Can I face swap online for free?

While custom avatars made with face swap require a special order, you can use any of our 100+ stock avatars for free in our demo. Simply sign up for an AI Studios account and you can easily swap out your face for an AI avatar and create videos by typing in a script.

How can I replace a face in a video?

With AI Studios, you can select any of our AI Avatars to narrate and appear in your videos. By simply using our browser-based platform, you can create videos that emulate the quality of studio-made videos, complete with professional voices, natural movements, and realistic lipsync.

Can you face swap on a video?

Yes! By collaborating with our team, we can align your goals with our AI Avatar and AI video capabilities. You have the option to order a custom-made full-body AI Avatar using face-swap, or we can use an image of you to bring your photo to life with natural movements, expressions, and voice.

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