Deepfake Detector

DeepBrain AI's advanced deepfake video and voice detection technology quickly identifies AI-generated content, ensuring you interact with only trustworthy digital media.

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AI Face Detection

Our AI-generated face detection service is designed to distinguish AI-created faces from real human images, ensuring the authenticity of digital content.

As AI-generated images become increasingly lifelike, our deepfake detector plays a crucial role in maintaining digital integrity.

Face Swap Detection

Our face swap detection technology identifies images and videos with digitally altered or replaced faces.

By curbing the spread of manipulated media, we aim to reinforce trust in digital content and safeguard both personal and brand reputations online, fostering a more reliable digital environment.

Deepfake Voice Detection

Our synthetic speech detection service identifies manipulated voices and audio by analyzing the spectral content of audio signals to detect inconsistencies that indicate alterations.

As AI-generated voices become more sophisticated, we recognize their benefits and are committed to developing safeguards that ensure these technologies are used responsibly.

Supported Languages

In addition to our current available features, we are actively exploring options to expand our language support for AI voice detection in future updates.


We currently offer AI voice detection for American English.


We support AI voice detection across all Korean accents.


We support AI voice detection in Mandarin Chinese.


We support AI voice detection for all Japanese speech.

What is a Deepfake?

Deepfakes are generated by using machine learning algorithms to manipulate or replace elements like faces or voices in original videos or images. We developed our deepfake detection technology to identify these alterations and distinguish between manipulated and authentic content.

DeepBrain AI is committed to advancing artificial intelligence ethically and transparently. We strive to innovate AI applications that are honest, fair, and maintain the highest integrity standards, ensuring AI technology enhances human lives rather than disrupting them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is deepfake voice detection?

Deepfake voice detection identifies synthetic voices created by AI, distinguishing them from natural human speech. This technology is crucial for verifying the authenticity of audio content and preventing voice fraud.

How can I protect my content from being deepfaked?

Utilizing deepfake detection services like those offered by DeepBrain AI is a proactive measure to secure digital content. Additionally, watermarking your content and educating both yourself and your audience about the existence of deepfakes are effective strategies to mitigate risks.

Is deepfake detection legal?

es, using deepfake detection technology is legal and recommended to protect against fraud and misinformation. However, it is important to ensure compliance with privacy and data protection laws when scanning and analyzing content.

How long does it take DeepBrain AI's deepfake detector to produce results?

DeepBrain AI's deepfake detector can identify AI-generated and altered voices, videos, and images in less than 5 minutes, although this may vary based on the complexity and file size of the content.

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