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Docs-to-Video brings your static documents to life, transforming presentations, PDFs, and more into engaging videos!

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What is Docs-to-Video?

Transform boring, static presentation slides and documents into engaging videos with our Docs-to-Video converter!

Whether you're creating pitches, training videos, or presentations, our AI video generator will effortlessly convert your .PPT, .PDF, and any text-rich document into script, footage, and AI-Avatar-led narration.

Upload, Generate, & Share

Footage Creation Made Easy

Instantly generate perfect video footage and on-screen text from your document. Choose from web, upload, generated, or stock media sources, or let AI Studios use images directly from your document.

AI Script Generator

Docs to Video instantly generates video scripts that effectively summarize and communicate the information in your documents.

Localize Videos with AI Voices

Reach a global audience with scripts and on-screen text in 80+ languages.

Why Should You Convert Docs to Video?

Don't start from scratch—repurpose what you have to create great videos, fast.

Instant Video Drafts

AI Studios helps you transform any text-rich document into stylized, editable video drafts

Repurpose What You have

Leverage existing materials by converting documents into videos, increasing their reach and impact

Save Time & Resources

Automate your video production from script to footage to save time and resources without compromising quality

Broad Application

No video creation experience needed. Just upload your document and let AI Studios handle the heavy lifting.

How to Convert Docs to Video with AI

Upload a Text-Rich File

Go to AI Studios' dashboard and select 'Docs to Video' to upload text-rich files like .pptx, .docx, .pdf, and more.


Select Goal & Template

Tell us what your video is for (social media, education, business), and pick the best matching template.


Set Video Preferences

Next, set the video's duration, select your image and footage sources, and specify the video's language.


Generate, Edit, & Share

Click 'Generate' and watch your video generate in real time. It'll be ready to edit, download, and share in minutes.


for Everyone

Discover how Docs to Video can streamline your video production, whether you're just starting out or an experienced creator.

Training & Onboarding

Transform boring training docs into personalized & engaging videos that jumpstart new hire ramp-up and cut costs.

Training & Education

Create personalized videos from your teaching materials, tailored to meet every student's unique needs.


Turn complex text information into digestible, visually engaging content that keeps your audience focused and informed.


Create personalized and informative explainer and demo videos by simply uploading your documents.

Explore the Magic of AI Studios for Free

Make video creation effortless with AI Studios.
Just type, paste, or upload, and have a video draft created in minutes.

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Create Videos in the Cloud

Create full-production videos directly from your browser, and save over 80% of your time and overhead costs with DeepBrain AI.

Generate WOW-worthy video content all in the cloud and say goodbye to scheduling conflicts, long production timelines, and expensive equipment.

Powerful AI Tools at Reach

DeepBrain AI's video generator offers tools that instantly convert any text prompt, URL, PDF, blog, article, and more into engaging, pro-quality videos.

Accelerate your content creation workflow with our powerful AI Automation tools.

100+ AI Avatars

We capture the subtlest details of our models' facial features, expressions, accents, and intonations to offer hyper-realistic AI avatars.

Select from our collection of diverse avatars to narrate and provide dialogue in your videos, adding a human touch without the need for cameras or microphones.

Supercharge Your Content Creation Workflow with AI Studios

Create Videos


Create videos anytime, anywhere. With AI Studios, there's no need to juggle schedules or hunt for studio space. Create videos in the cloud on-demand and effortlessly scale your workflow.

Overhead Costs


High-quality video production without the traditional costs or time needed.  Eliminate expenses like studio rentals, actor and production staff hires, or investing in costly equipment like cameras.

Create Videos in

< 10min

No experience required to start,yet powerful enough for the pros. Our platform is designed to empower users of all skill levels, allowing anyone to produce high-quality videos without any previous experience or training.

Loved by 300,000+ video creators

AI Studios is my favorite one to use out of them all! I really liked how up-to-date the features are.

Erica C.
Special Needs Behavior Specialist

AI Studios is a powerful tool for creating AI-generated videos using basic text.

Kumail M.
Social Media Manager

AI video generation streamlines the process of creating video content. It can quickly convert text-based information into engaging videos.

Rey Ireneo
Training Specialist

AI Studios allows users to quickly prototype and test new ideas, which can lead to innovation and new discoveries.

M. Taqi
Technical Recruiter

AI Studios eliminates the need for freelancers to invest in expensive hardware or software, making it a cost-effective solution.

Gie Marie
Business Development Manager

AI Studios Features Worth Exploring

AI Studios serves as your all-in-one AI creation suite, all in the cloud! Explore more features and learn how our AI Avatars can help you achieve your goals.

Topic to Video

Transform prompts into video drafts

URL to Video

Just copy-paste a URL to create videos, fast.

Article to Video

Repurpose blogs and articles into engaging videos.

AI Script Assistant

Brainstorm, check grammar, and translate your scripts easily without leaving AI Studios.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

Are there any types of documents that are not suitable for docs-to-video?

While AI Studios is versatile, documents with highly complex layouts, such as those excessively rich in graphics or using very intricate design elements, might not convert well. Plain text documents, standard slide decks, and files with well-organized content translate best into video format. If your document contains complex multimedia or interactive elements, some manual adjustments might be necessary post-conversion.

What is the maximum file size I can upload to AI Studios?

It is recommended to keep files concise since the video length is capped by your subscription plan (10 minutes for the Starter plan, 20 minutes for the Pro plan). For longer videos, consider breaking your content into smaller segments that can be processed separately and later merged using a video editor capable of handling larger files.

What types of documents and files can I upload to AI Studios?

AI Studios supports slide decks and text-rich documents like PDFs. It can automatically extract images from these files and generate scripts based on the text content.

Will the generated video be compatible to post directly online publicly or for commercial use?

Yes, videos created with our AI video generator can generally be posted online and used commercially. If you use stock images and footage from our platform, you can share your videos publicly without further permission. However, if you use personal or custom-generated content, make sure you have the appropriate rights and check the AI content policies of the platform you’re using. Although our tools like Docs to Video are powerful, we recommend reviewing and editing the generated video to make sure it accurately represents your intended message and quality.

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