AI Video Generator

Quickly and Easily Produce Engaging Videos Without the Need for a Complicated Production Process.

  1. 80+ AI avatars
  2. Text-to-speech in 100+ language
  3. Video size options that fit the needs
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AI Video Generator

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What is an AI Video Generator?

Find out what an AI tool is and how it works

AI Video Generator

An AI Video Maker is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist with the process of creating videos. It combines AI algorithms with traditional video editing tools to make the video creation process faster and more efficient.

This makes it ideal for creating videos for online marketing purposes, as it can produce professional-looking videos in a shorter amount of time compared to manual video editing.

Here's what you get with AI Studios’ video platform

Free trial

Try it out in advance with the free demo.

Text to video in minutes

It's easy to make with a simple input.

Realistic AI avatars

AI technology makes it look like a real person.

Custom avatar

Create a new avatar as a production request.

Gestures like human

Gestures like a human naturally.

Full/half /head avatars

Various sizes are available depending on the application.

3D avatars provided

3d models are also available.

Friendly user interface

Easy to use without explanation.

No tech skills needed

You can make it without knowing AI technology.

No editing skills needed

It's easy even if you're new to video editing.

High resolution video

We provide the quality of a professional studio production.

Customizable templates

Use various templates for production.

Key Features of AI Tool to Video Creation

Here are a few elements that will reduce the time and expense associated with producing videos

Use 50+ AI avatars to narrate

Make your videos stand out with realistic AI avatars. AI avatars will narrate your text in seconds.

  • 50+ diverse AI avatars
  • Realistic face and body movements
  • Custom avatars available
AI Video Generator
AI Video Generator

80+ languages for text to speech

Create consistent and professional text to speech video without microphones or voice actors.

  • Diverse international accents
  • Male and female voices
  • Natural-sounding voices

Professional size options for video

Choose the size that suits your needs, as both mobile and ppt formats  are available.

  • Easy to customize
  • Personal and business use
  • To all social media (TikTok, Youtube, etc)
AI Video Generator

Example Videos for various purpose


You don't have to come out on the screen yourself. The AI avatar takes the place of the description.

AI Video Generator


Simply create it right away and post it on TikTok.

AI Video Generator


Upload your videos in real time with a little more polish.


ChatGPT Function

ChatGPT is an AI video generator that utilizes cutting-edge natural language processing technology to create engaging and realistic video content. With ChatGPT, users can create videos that mimic human-like responses and interactions, making it an ideal tool for creating educational videos, marketing materials, and more.

AI Video Generator

You can easily generate AI Video

Professional and versatile videos are very simple to create, as you can see below

AI Video Generator

Copy text

Simply copy your text.
Or type it straight in AI Studios.

AI Video Generator

Paste text

Take your copied text and paste it into the script box in AI Studios.

AI Video Generator

Generate Video

Choose your favorite model, change voice and generate AI video.

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See why people create AI videos with AI Studios

"A Cool Artificial intelligence video maker." You don't have to record yourself saying something and wearing an outfit. You can do so many adjustment to the video itself so the final video can be pretty cool. You can use this in so many cases as commercial or personal use.

Ahmed Gouda
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"It is incredible text to video AI Avatar." It's basically using artificial intelligence that convey a message. Think how wonderful this would be in your marketing. It is completely customizable video platform.

Passionate user

To enhance the quality of the video, it is recommended to set timing for each slide and include recorded narrations. This can be done in PowerPoint 2013, 2016, and 2019 by using the "Record Timings and Narrations" feature.

Online marketer

Your AI Video is on the way

Now is the time for you to try out video creation