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You can design a personalized, realistic AI Avatar that features your voice. Creating your own AI avatar with AI Studios!

Create Your Own AI Avatar

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What is a Custom Avatar?

Learn about a custom-made avatar and how they work

Create Your Own AI Avatar

AI-generated custom avatars creates unique representation using AI technology.

The AI system analyzes data and creates an avatar resembling the person or character.

The quality and accuracy vary based on the complexity of the AI system and the training data.

AI-generated custom avatars are becoming more popular for their ability to easily create digital representations of individuals and businesses.

Creation Process for AIย Avatars

Here is a guide on how to create your own avatar

Technical Setup

  • Use an Ultra HD (4K) camera and a well-lit green background in a studio.
  • AI Studios will provide custom scripts, and the recording session should last approximately 3 hours.
  • We provide professional operators and a lighting service.
Create Your Own AI Avatar
Create Your Own AI Avatar

Appearance Guideline

  • Keep your clothing, haircut, and makeup consistent with the video.
  • Your avatar's appearance cannot be changed later. Avoid complex patterns in your clothes and ensure your outfit is appropriate for most of the video.
  • Do not let your hair cover your face.

AI Avatar Production

  • Train deep learning with video and audio data files.
  • Implementing a FullHD high-resolution AI model takes approximately 3 weeks to 1 month.
  • Your AI avatar, which looks just like you, will be created.
Create Your Own AI Avatar

Examples of Avatar Creator

Many celebrities and companies are requesting custom avatar creation to accurately represent their image

AI Sony

AIA Life Insurance implemented their official public relations ambassador, Son Heung-min, as an AI avatar named Sony.

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Create Your Own AI Avatar

AI Howie Mandel

AI Howie Mandel, by DeepBrain AI, joins the growing cast of synthetic celebrities expanding their careers using platforms.

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Create Your Own AI Avatar

ChatGPT Function

ChatGPT offers an exciting feature that allows users to create their own AI avatar. With this feature, users can create a personalized virtual assistant that can interact with customers, students, or audiences in an engaging and natural manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AI Studios a Free Avatar Maker?

While creating a demo video is free, customizing AI avatars can be a costly service. We offer to create custom AI avatars for your target model.

How long does it take to create a custom AI Avatar?

Including the recording session, deep-learning period, and model production, the whole process is expected to take about a month.

Will the AI Avatar have the same voice and appearance as the target model?

Yes, during our recording session, we capture all the details of the target models including the actual voice, facial expressions, and body gestures as well. It will be a complete digital clone of the target model.

What is the custom AI Avatar production process?

To create a custom AI Avatar, we need to have a target model. Next, we invite the model to our specialized studio for a recording session. The model will read the scripts we prepared and the recorded videos then will be used as our training video for our deep-learning process. The whole process will take about a month.

Can the custom AI Avatars speak other languages?

Yes, we support multi-lingual AI Avatars. However, the real voice of the model will only be applied to the languages the model has recorded in the recording sessions. If you wish to use a language the model did not record, you will be able to choose a voice from the drop box.

Can the custom AI Avatars change outfits?

AI Avatars can change outfits, and you can select the number of outfits during the recording session. Adding more outfits after the recording session requires an additional recording session. Discuss the contractual terms with the business development team.

Can the custom AI Avatar have gestures?

AI Avatars can have gestures, and you can select the number of gestures you want during the recording session. Adding more gestures after the recording session requires an additional recording session. Discuss the contractual terms with the business development team

Can the custom AI Avatar have different angles?

It is technically possible but we do not provide different angles when creating a custom AI Avatar. The custom AI Avatar will be facing forward.

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