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Bring your brand to life with an AI mascot and engage with your fans, users, & customers without limits.

Mondelez International
Hyundai Hmall
Fox 26 News
Shinhan Bank
Intercontinental Hotels & Groups
DP World
Mettler Toledo
The Times Group
Georg Fischer
Magic EdTech
APMG International
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Brand Engagement & Experience Reimagined

Transform your digital engagement with AI-powered interactions and an adaptable AI brand ambassador for memorable, on-brand experiences.

Realistic AI Avatars

Avatars are ready for action anytime, anywhere, with no need for rest, scheduling, or preparations.

Multilingual AI Voices

Avatars can speak in 80+ languages, helping you communicate with international guests and visitors effectively.

Fully Customizable Solution

Just tell us your pain points, and we'll help develop a custom AI avatar solution tailored to your needs.

Customer Stories

Discover how our customers are harnessing custom AI avatars to create on-brand digital interactions.

| Custom Avatar + AI Kiosk

[AI Mascot] AI Chip

Mondelez's International Innovation Center has introduced "AI Chip," a conversational avatar housed in an AI kiosk, designed to enhance the visitor check-in process. AI Chip streamlines entry procedures with a faster, automated approach while adding a fun and engaging element to the experience.

The AI kiosk not only frees up lobby staff to focus on more critical issues but also provides a memorable first interaction with the brand for both visitors and employees.

| Custom Avatar + AI Studios

[AI Brand Ambassador] AI Sonny

AIA Korea introduced "AI Sonny," a conversational AI avatar modeled after world-renowned soccer star Son Heung-min. This AI avatar solution is designed to engage and promote wellness to AIA's customers, agents, and partners throughout Korea.

AI Sonny supports AIA Korea's goal of fostering healthier, longer, and better lives by delivering personalized video messages and creating memorable customer interactions.

| Custom Avatar + AI Kiosk

[AI Representative] Custom AI Bankers

NH Bank developed two custom AI avatars by blending facial data from 100 male and 100 female employees. They created one male and one female avatar, each capturing the average appearance of NH Bank's staff.

Available through kiosks in NH Bank branches, the AI avatars provide 24/7 assistance, handling simpler tasks and freeing up bankers to focus on more complex inquiries. The technology has helped improve customer service and reduce wait times, while maintaining brand consistency.

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Conversational AI Avatar

Simulate real conversations that flows naturally. Our AI Avatar quickly listens, comprehends, and responds to any questions.

  • Connect your existing chatbot or create a custom LLM to power an AI avatar that makes every customer interaction uniquely personal and fully automated.

    • Available on mobile, web, metaverse, & AI kiosk

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      AI Video Generator

      All-in-one platform for turning text into videos. With realistic AI avatars, natural text-to-speech, & powerful AI tools, you can quickly scale up your video projects with ease.

      • Maximize your mascot, brand ambassador, or company spokesperson without needing them on camera for every video.

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      AI Kiosk

      On-site conversational AI avatar solution, ideal for high-traffic areas to provide easy access to guests and visitors.

      • Completely customizable add-ons, including camera, facial recognition, movement detection, and more.

        • Conversational AI human options available as on-premise or cloud-based solutions.

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          AI Avatars Key Features

          AI Video Generator

          Realistic Lip Sync

          Our avatars speak so naturally and realistically, you'll forget they're AI.

          AI Video Generator


          Our avatars can speak in over 80 languages.

          AI Video Generator

          Natural Body Movements

          Our avatars move naturally, even when they're not actively engaged.

          AI Video Generator

          No Uncanny Valley

          Our avatars boast an incredible 96.5% similarity to real humans.

          AI Video Generator

          Custom Gestures

          Our avatars can respond with specific gestures to relevant topics.

          AI Video Generator

          24/7 Availability

          Our avatars are available around the clock for any guest inquiries.

          AI Video Generator

          Natural Conversation Flow

          Avatars can respond to inquiries in under a second.

          AI Video Generator

          Custom Avatar

          Create an avatar that perfectly captures your brand image.

          Custom Brand Ambassador Avatars

          Create a custom avatar that fully embodies your brand—from appearance to voice, personality, and more.

          3D Avatar

          A 3D avatar is a digitally designed character, not limited by video footage-based training, allowing it to take on any form — from human characters to animals, and even your brand's mascot!

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          Studio Avatar

          Studio digital avatars are the highest quality avatars available from DeepBrain AI. They are designed for users & brands who need highly realistic AI avatars.

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