Brand Kit

Have all the fonts and assets you need right at your fingertips to consistently create on-brand videos every time.

Mondelez International
Hyundai Hmall
Fox 26 News
Shinhan Bank
Intercontinental Hotels & Groups
DP World
Mettler Toledo
The Times Group
Georg Fischer
Magic EdTech
APMG International
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Import Your Font

Enhance your video visuals by uploading your favorite typography or importing your brand’s specific fonts to ensure your content aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Upload Logos and Assets

Import your logo and key brand assets to maintain visual consistency across your video marketing and communications. This ensures all your projects in AI Studios feature uniform brand elements.

Easy Access Across Projects

Your fonts and brand assets are always just a few clicks away in any video project, stored in your asset library until you choose to remove them. This convenience allows you to maintain uniform and consistent video designs effortlessly.

How to Import Brand Assets

Access Brand Kit

Enter AI Studios and start a video project. In the video editor, open the assets section on the left menu and scroll down to find 'Brand Asset.


Import Assets

Upload your custom fonts and logos in a few clicks. If they don't show up immediately, refresh the page. Your brand assets will sync across your workspace in the team plan.


Apply and Customize

When creating a new video project, access your fonts, logos, and other assets from the 'Asset' menu while editing to maintain a consistent visual identity for your brand in every video.


Benefits of Using
a Brand Kit

AI Studios' brand kit centralizes your fonts, colors, and logos to ensure consistency across all your projects.

Brand Consistency

Ensure your videos are instantly recognizable by maintaining consistent branding throughout.

Unique Identity

Stand out from the competition by using custom fonts and logos that highlight your unique brand identity.

Professional Appeal

Professional-looking videos with cohesive branding enhance your credibility and appeal to your target audience.

Team Collaboration

Simplify teamwork by allowing all members to access and utilize brand assets, streamlining content creation across all projects.

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We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

How often should I update my brand kit?

Regularly refresh your brand kit as your brand evolves or when new branding elements are introduced. It's good practice to review it quarterly to ensure it remains up-to-date and relevant.

What is a brand kit?

A brand kit is a collection of your brand's visual elements, including logos, fonts, color palettes, and other assets, used to ensure consistent branding across all materials.

Who should have access to the brand kit?

Anyone creating content for your brand, including marketers, designers, content creators, and external partners, should have access to ensure consistency.

Can I customize my videos further after applying my brand assests and fonts?

Yes, of course! Even after applying your brand assets, you can further customize your videos with additional assets, text, or animations to suit the video content's design needs.

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