DeepBrain AI mentors students of all levels in Suwon City

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May 22, 2024
May 22, 2024

▶ Organized by the Suwon Office of Education, Suwon Career Link event hosted mentoring sessions for 90 students.

▶ Specialized knowledge and practical experience shared on trends and case studies in generative AI industries, Prompt Engineer professions, etc.

▶ Supported AI Studios, a video synthesis platform, offering opportunities for generative video production, including Q&A sessions.


DeepBrain AI, one of Korea's leading AI companies led by CEO Jang Se-young, announced on the 21st that it conducted career mentoring for elementary, middle, and high school students in Suwon at the Suwon Career Link event.

Suwon Career Link, organized by the Gyeonggi-do Suwon Office of Education, is a local education project aimed at resolving educational disparities within the region and fostering cooperation between schools and local communities. It offers personalized education services and diverse learning opportunities based on the expertise of various stakeholders including public, private, academic, and industrial sectors.

At the Suwon Career Link event held at Kyunggi University on the 18th, programs were arranged to expose students to emerging job trends in future society. DeepBrain AI, as one of the leading AI companies in Korea, participated in the event and conducted career mentoring for 90 students.

DeepBrain AI's career mentoring session included discussions on trends and case studies in generative AI industries, an introduction to Prompt Engineer professions, and more, providing students with specialized knowledge and practical experiences in AI-related fields.

Additionally, they provided the "AI Studios" video synthesis platform, allowing students to directly produce generative videos. Moreover, in-depth Q&A sessions were conducted for students aspiring for careers related to AI and humans, providing practical advice for planning future career paths.

DeepBrain AI plans to continue providing generative AI education for students and teachers through close collaboration with local governments and educational institutions. Particularly, they intend to offer AI ethics education alongside technical education to ensure the formation of proper values.

Jang Se-young, CEO of DeepBrain AI, stated, "The career mentoring conducted in collaboration with the Suwon Office of Education was a meaningful opportunity to introduce students to careers in the generative AI industry and provide them with practical experiences of generative AI services. We will continue to create various opportunities for students to properly experience generative AI for the cultivation of future talents."

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